Endangered Species


Seven federally listed species occur on the refuge, as well as a number of State-imperiled species and species of management concern. 

  • West Indian Manatee

    manatee and baby

    The refuge contains over 5,000 acres of freshwater and more than 50 miles of waterways, which are utilized by the endangered Florida manatees as foraging, breeding and calving areas. More than 23 miles are designated as manatee protection zones.

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  • Snail Kite


    Lake Woodruff NWR does not regularly support a significant portion of the snail kite population.

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  • Wood Stork


    Wood stork populations declined sharply in the 1930's to 1980's. 

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  • Eastern Indigo Snake


    Although the Eastern Indigo snake has been found in areas surrounding the refuge, no valid documented record exists on the refuge itself. 

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  • Whooping Crane


    A whooping crane pair has established its winter territory on the refuge. 

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  • Gopher Tortoise


    Several dozen gopher tortoises are found on the refuge, primarily along the eastern boundary and Volusia tract. 

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