Sandhill Cranes

Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge is for the birds! Established in 1964 as a migratory bird refuge, the refuge is rich in bird life any time of the year.

  • Hawks

    Red Tailed Hawk

     Hawk is a common name for some birds of prey. They have sharp vision, are very capable hunters and vary greatly in size. 

    The most common hawks on Lake Woodruff NWR are the red-shouldered hawk, red-tailed hawk and swallow-tailed kite. 

  • Shore Birds

    Least Sandpiper

     Shorebirds are birds commonly found along sandy or rocky shorelines, mudflats, and shallow waters.
     Shorebirds that are seen on the refuge include killdeer, lesser yellowlegs, Wilson's snipe, and ring-billed gull. 

  • Song Birds


    Songbirds are a group of birds that can produce diverse and elaborate song. Frequently seen on the refuge are blue jay, barn swallow, tufted titmouse, Carolina wren, American robin, pine warbler, and many more!

  • Wading Birds


     Wading birds are long-legged wading birds such as storks and herons. Common wading birds seen on the refuge include little blue heron, white ibis, great egret and the great blue heron. 

  • Waterfowl


     Waterfowl are certain wildfowl of the order Anseriformes, which includes ducks, geese, and swans. Wood duck, ring-necked duck and blue-winged teal are commonly found on the refuge.