Wildlife & Habitat


To provide high quality migratory bird habitat on the Owens Bay area of Lake Andes NWR, Refuge staff intensively manage water levels. 

  • Bald Eagle


    Eagles are frequently seen soaring over the Refuge.

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  • Great Blue Heron


    Waterbirds occurring in the Great Plains region include loons, grebes, pelicans, cormorants, bitterns, herons, egrets, ibises, rails, coots, cranes, gulls and terns.

  • Pheasant


    The western portion of the District is located in the heart of the “pheasant belt,” where ring-necked pheasant densities are high.

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  • Canada Geese


    The area hosts migrant waterfowl populations in the tens and hundreds of thousands during peak fall and spring migration periods.

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  • Deer


    Visitors interested in wildlife observation can expect to find nearly any species of bird or mammal indigenous to the prairie pothole country.

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