Seasons of Wildlife


National Wildlife Refuges are managed to protect endangered plants and animals, to provide for the needs of migratory birds, to preserve a natural diversity and to furnish places for people to understand and enjoy wildlife. 

Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge contains a 4,700 acre lake, plus the Owens Bay and Andes Creek Units, 832 and 410 acres respectively. These lands and waters are vitally important to the nation’s migratory bird populations – waterbirds and songbirds nest here in great numbers. During spring and fall migrations, clouds of waterfowl and shorebirds darken the sky.

  • Focal Species Timelines

     Focal species identified are those that the Refuge feels it is best positioned to help protect and maintain on the basis of the species’ geographic ranges and specialized habitats.

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  • Other Species of Interest Timelines