Wildlife & Habitat

Wildlife and Habitat: 512x219 Flock of Ducks - USFWS
  • Northern Shoveler

    Species #3: 150x118 Northern Shoveler - Scott Ralston

    Perhaps the most outwardly distinctive of the dabbling ducks, the Northern Shoveler inhabits wetlands across much of North America. Its elongated, spoon-shaped bill has comblike projections along its edges, which filter out food from the water.

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  • Western Grebe

    Species #2: 150x118 Western Grebe - Scott Ralston

    A large, elegant, black-and-white grebe, the Western Grebe breeds in lakes and ponds across the American West and winters primarily off the Pacific Coast. The very similar Clark's Grebe was long thought to be the same species. Both species have a dramatic, choreographed courtship display, in which the birds rush across the water with their long necks extended.


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  • Lesser Scaup

    Species #1: 150x118 Lesser Scaup - Scott Ralston

    Two scaup species live in North America: the Greater Scaup prefers salt water and is found in America and Eurasia, while the Lesser Scaup prefers freshwater and is found only in North America. The Lesser Scaup is one of the most abundant and widespread of the diving ducks in North America


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  • Prairie Wetlands

    Conservation:150x118 Conservation PPR - DLWMD

    The Prairie Pothole Region, the area commonly referred to as America's 'duck factory' consists of prairie wetlands that support over 300 species of migratory birds and are the primary breeding areas for the continent's waterfowl.

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