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Visitor Activities

Visitor Activities: 512x219 Bird watch - Cami Dixon
  • Hunting

    Hunting: 150x118 Hunting - Ryan Lehr

    Hunting for waterfowl, upland game and big game is permitted in designated areas on the refuge.  Please review special regulations.  For information on species and locations please see the refuge hunting map.

  • Fishing

    Fishing: 150x118 NWR Sign - USFWS

    NEW FOR 2015! Ice fishing is allowed in designated areas of the refuge in accordance with State regulations and subject to Refuge specific conditions. Click here for special regulations.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Wildlife Viewing: 150x118 Wildlife Viewing - DLWMD

    High water levels have reduced wildlife viewing opportunities at the refuge; however, multiple flooded roads that terminate into Lake Alice offer vantage points for wildlife observation. Be careful when travelling near the refuge. High water has softened many roads in the area.

  • Interpretation

    Interpretation: 150x118 Interpretation - DLWMD

    Interpretive programs are not regularly offered at the refuge. The Devils Lake Wetland Management District does offer interpretive programs at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve.

  • Environmental Education

    Environmental Education: 150x118 Env. Edu. - DLWMD

    Environmental Education opportunities are not offered at the refuge. The Devils Lake Wetland Management District does offer environmental education programs at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve.

  • Photography

    Photography: 150x118 Photography - DLWMD

    Perhaps the fastest growing activity on national wildlife refuges in the past ten years has been wildlife photography. That’s not surprising. Digital cameras and cell phones are increasing the number of nature photographers at a rapid rate. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or have any experience to get started. A small camera or basic cell phone will do just fine for most visitors.

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Last Updated: Oct 07, 2015
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