Habitat Tour


Take in the sights at one of the most beautiful natural areas in South Texas.


The Refuge Tour explores the habitat of Laguna Atascosa along Steve Thompson Drive (formerly Bayside Drive), the Laguna Atascosa, and Bahia Grande Unit. Winding and weaving past bushlands, wetlands, and the Laguna Madre, this interpretive tour is a great way to see what is truly a piece of living history and the largest federally protected area in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Fall and winter sightings may include osprey, redhead ducks, sandhill cranes, reddish egret (we have many white phase), tri-colored heron, shorebirds, snow geese, white tailed deer, nilgai antelope, bobcat, coyote, javelina, western diamondback rattlesnake, Texas tortoise, and American alligator.  

The tour includes several short stops along the way with short walks. Participants are welcome to take the walk or stay on the tour vehicle. 

  Other information 

  • Refuge entrance fees ($3 per vehicle) are in addition to the tour fees. 
  • Binoculars are highly recommended, so bring yours along.  The visitor center has a limited number of binoculars to loan.
  • After rains, the Mosquitos can be quite numerous and insect repellent is recommended.