Wildlife & Habitat


Although established to provide wintering habitat for waterfowl, Lacassine Refuge supports many communities of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. The refuge actually lies at the interface of higher agricultural land and the coastal marshes and includes considerable acreage of marsh and agriculture within its boundaries.

  • General Wildlife


    Lacassine Refuge has many other exciting wildlife aside from birds! Just a few examples of what you may see are armadillos, foxes, bobcats, alligators and turtles!

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  • Birds


    Large wintering concentrations of white-fronted and snow geese can be found here, along with predominantly puddle ducks, such as pintails, blue and green-winged teals, mallards, gadwalls, shovelers, and American widgeons.

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  • Threatened and Endangered Species


    One federally listed threatened species occurs on the refuge, the bald eagle. The refuge may attract transient Louisiana black bears, also a federally listed threatened species.

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  • Invasive Species


    Also known as exotic or non-native, invasive species pose a big problem for the refuge due to their displacement of native plants and animals.

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  • Habitat Types


    Lacassine Refuge has several different habitat types that suit the needs of several different types of wildlife. The biggest feature is Lacassine Pool, but other habitat types include forest and prairie components.

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