For Educators

The refuge offers free, interactive environmental education resources for teachers.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge provides unique experiences for children in Yuma County to learn about wildlife and the Sonoran Desert.  


Travel Trunks 

Teachers can check out travel trunks from the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Yuma. Travel trunks contain a Powerpoint presentation, supplemental information, one or two activities, and all necessary materials. Each travel trunk supports the Arizona Academic Content Standards for Science. Topics include animal diets (herbivores, carnivores and omnivores), bird adaptations, desert plant and animal adaptations, and litter, recycling, and wildlife. 


Classroom Programs  

Can’t visit Kofa National Wildlife Refuge for a field trip? Bring a National Wildlife Refuge to your classroomRefuge staff and volunteers may be able to present an environmental education program at Yuma County schools depending on availability. Check with the refuges about the possibility of developing a talk on a specific topic. All programs are hands-on.  


Environmental education resources and opportunities offered by the refuge are free! For information about availability and scheduling, contact the refuge.