Other Activities


Kofa National Wildlife Refuge contains stunning views and amazing wildlife, making it a wonderful place for photography. You may not be able to take home plants, feathers, or other souvenirs, but you're welcome to take as many photos as you'd like.   

Rockhounding and Rock Collecting
Recreational (noncommercial) rock or mineral collection is permitted within the 1.5 square mile Crystal Hill Area located on the northwest corner of the refuge. Possession of rocks is limited to 10 specimens or 10 pounds (whichever occurs first) in any 12-month period. Only material that is collectable without digging or the use of tools (including metal detectors) may be gathered. Rock or mineral collecting on other areas of the refuge is prohibited. 

Crystal Hill Area Brochure and Map

The refuge is an excellent location for amateur astronomy and stargazing. The only regular interference with observation is a glow low in the eastern sky produced by lights from the Phoenix metropolitan area, and depending on your location in the refuge, a glow in the southern sky produced by lights from Yuma.