Mule Deer

Hunting opportunities on Kofa National Wildlife Refuge include regulated hunting for quail, bighorn sheep, mule deer, cottontail rabbit, coyote, and fox. Hunting of all other wildlife species is prohibited.

Hunters must follow all public use regulations and hunting regulations, as well as possess state hunting licenses (for all hunting) and permits (for mule deer and desert bighorn sheep). Persons must possess, carry, and transport firearms in accordance with all Federal and state laws. Hunt brochures are available at the Visitor Center or in the brochure boxes along entrance roads.

Seasons, Permits and Regulations
Hunting seasons for the refuge, as well as regulations and information on state hunting license and permits can be found on the Arizona Game and Fish Department hunting regulations website.

Additional hunting regulations:

  • Shooting from a vehicle is prohibited.
  • Discharge of firearms is not permitted within ΒΌ mile of a structure that can be occupied.
  • Individuals may not be under the influence of alcohol while hunting.
  • Trapping is not permitted on the refuge.
  • The use of game cameras is not permitted.
  • Hunting is allowed near water sources.
  • Cottontail may be taken with shotgun only. Deer may be taken by bow and arrow or rifle depending on the hunting season.
  • Cottontail may only be hunted during the quail season. Predators (coyotes and foxes) may only be hunted during quail season, unless deer hunters have a valid Unit 45A, 45B, and 45C deer permit in which case they may take predatory animals until they have taken a deer.
  • Bag limits for predatory animals, quail, and cottontail are the same as state regulations.
  • Recreational livestock permitted on the refuge include horses, mules, burros, and llamas. The use of feeding containers is required and water is to be packed in. All surface disturbances at campsites are to be restored. Use of pelletized feed is highly recommended to reduce the potential introduction of invasive species. Livestock are not to be tethered directly to trees or other vegetation.
  • Hunting regulations on National Wildlife Refuges may be more restrictive than state hunting regulations.

Help preserve your hunting privileges. Respect other users and avoid conflicts. Please report any hunting violations you observe to the Phoenix Interagency Law Enforcement Dispatch at 800-637-9152 or to Arizona Game and Fish Department Operation Game Thief Hotline at 800-352-0700.

For more information, view our hunt brochure and map or contact Kofa National Wildlife Refuge at 928-783-7861.