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Ungulate Research

Mt Goat Group

  • Mountain Goat Study

    Mountain Goat on a hill

    In 2011, the Refuge began a multi-year study to assess mountain goat resource selection on Kodiak. Utilizing 3 study sites across the island, biologists examine feeding patterns through vegetation plots and fecal sample collection.

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  • Mountain Goat Aerial Survey


    Surveys of mountain goat abundance have been conducted annually by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Kodiak Refuge biologists since 1975. Although survey effort has varied over the years, from island-wide counts to partial surveys, results provide baseline data on historical goat population growth, kid recruitment, and range expansion.

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  • Sitka Black-tailed Deer Survey

    Sitka Deer

    In 2012, the Refuge conducted a preliminary aerial survey of Sitka Black-tailed deer on the Aliulik Peninsula to evaluate the feasibility of distance sampling as a statistically robust technique to estimate deer populations in non-forested areas of Kodiak. The Refuge continued this survey in 2014. Follow the link for survey reports.

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  • Feral Reindeer Survey

    Reindeer herd

    In 2011, the Refuge initiated an aerial survey of feral reindeer populations concentrated in the southwest area of Kodiak island in order to monitor population and harvest trends.

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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014
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