Public Use Cabins

Uganik Lake Cabin

"We have had the most wonderful time here at Uganik Bay. The wildlife and landscape have forever changed my life. It's not very often that people now-a-days can leave the busy lives they lead - filled with fast paced technology and lifestyles - to come here where they must leave it all.  Nothing but the sounds of birds, fish jumping out of the water, and the constant lookout for a hopeful spotting of a Kodiak bear."  
-journal entry, Uganik Lake Cabin

Cabins are a wonderful way to enjoy the Refuge and access excellent fishing and hunting areas.  To learn more about each cabin, read through our brochure or watch our introduction video:

To reserve a cabin, please choose one of the options below:

*Call the refuge at 907-487-2600 or visit refuge headquarters at the Buskin River.

*Navigate to the site

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 Blue Fox Bay Cabin

 Chief Cove Cabin

 Deadman Bay Cabin

 Little River Cabin

 North Frazer Lake Cabin

 South Frazer Lake Cabin

 Uganik Island Cabin

 Uganik Lake Cabin

 Viekoda Bay Cabin

General Information Applicable to All Cabins:

Primitive conditions: no electricity, plumbing, or cookstove; has outhouse-style pit toilet, separate meat cache.

The following are NOT PROVIDED: Transportation to cabins, lighting, running water, cooking stoves, utensils, fuel for heaters (kerosene, #1 heating oil, or automotive diesel for all cabins).

CLIMATE: Kodiak weather is variable, but cool, wet, and windy conditions predominate. Hypothermia is a possibility at any time of year if not properly dressed. Regardless of the season, always bring warm, waterproof gear, and be prepared to stay longer than expected.

HEATING: Most cabins are equipped with similar Nordic-brand stoves for heating. They can burn kerosene, home heating oil, or automotive diesel. One to three gallons per day is usually sufficient.

NEVER use gasoline, Blazo, Coleman fuel, or similar products. Be sure to use heating stoves according to posted directions. 

FISH AND GAME MEAT: All cabins are equipped with a separate meat cache. Game meat must be stored in the cache.

BEAR SAFETY: Be bear aware. It is possible to encounter bears at any time of year. Publications on bear safety are available from Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and in Kodiak at various locations around town.

CLEANUP: Haul out ALL your trash, unused food, and fuel cans. NEVER bury garbage. Buried garbage may attract bears and create a safety hazard for you and/or future visitors.

$45 a night for each public use cabin.

GENERAL QUESTIONS: Call the Kodiak Refuge Visitor Center (907) 487-2626, 1-888-592-6942