Rules and Regulations

Cottonwood Creek

Sport Harvest
Alaska Department of Fish and Game sets seasons and bag limits for sport harvest of fish and wildlife on Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge enforces these regulations through federal law. For current State fish and game regulations refer to: 

Subsistence Harvest
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regulates federal subsistence harvest of fish and wildlife on refuge lands and waters. Permanent residents of included communities within a subsistence harvest area are eligible to harvest fish and wildlife according to subsistence regulations. For current federal subsistence regulations refer to: 

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These pages are for resource information only; regulations are subject to change, and harvesters should consult the most updated regulations relevant to their species.

Spring Subsistence Migratory Bird Harvest

Subsistence Deer and Elk Hunting on Kodiak Refuge
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For more information about easements, land status and closures on Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, please see our additional maps.

Code of Federal Regulations (50CFR) specific to Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge are:



Requires each person to secure a trapping permit from the Refuge Manager prior to trapping on the refuge.


The area of approximately 2,560 acres near the outlet of the O'Malley River is closed to all public access, occupancy, and use from June 25 to September 30 annually, except for individuals participating in the O’Malley River bear viewing program.


Prohibits camping within one-quarter mile of federal and administrative facilities.


Prohibits snow machines within an approximately 4,972-acre area encompassing Den Mountain and the adjacent highlands.

Other regulations and policies applicable to the refuge include:

Code of Federal Regulations:

Title 50 - Wildlife and Fisheries
Parts 1-199 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Federal Policy:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Manual