Outreach and Education

Whale skeleton

There are two ways the Kodiak Refuge can be involved with your classroom: field trips to the Kodiak Refuge Visitor Center or classroom visits by our staff.

School Programs 

To schedule a program for your students, please contact the Kodiak Refuge Education Specialist at (907) 487-0283.  Click here for more information about Environmental Education at the Refuge.
Programs currently offered:
Hoo-Hoo Ray for Owls:  This program familiarizes students to the owls of Kodiak and their unique adaptations.  Images, stuffed owls, and games are utilized to create a hands on learning experience.  The program ends with an exploration into an actual owl pellet to see what they had for dinner.
Build a Seabird:  Students learn about sea birds of our area and the special role the Kodiak Refuge plays in the life of seabirds.  A lucky volunteer will become a seabird for the day as we dress him/her in the special items required for seabird life. 
Winter Slumber: This is a seasonal program offered only in winter months.  Utilizing songs, stories and art the children learn about the winter sleep of Kodiak Brown bears.  Bear pelts, skulls and claws will be on hand for students to experience.


Kodiak Land Mammals:  Pelts, furs, skulls and images are utilized to educate students on the six native land mammals of Kodiak while we learn about their unique characteristics.  A fun, physical activity helps review the information covered.  Concepts of native and introduced species are introduced.
Whale of a Tale: Activities such as Are Whales More Like Fish Than People help to bring home the concept that whales are mammals while Mud and Echoes addresses the different feeding characteristics of toothed and baleen whales.  Real baleen, whale teeth and bones will be investigated as we explore, learn and play together tooth and nail.


Habitat is Where it’s at:  This program will explore the parts of an ecosystem.  As each student plays a role in the activity they’ll see how the loss of one species has lasting impacts on others.  We’ll also play a funny and active Habitat game that helps review the components of habitat while introducing the concepts of limiting factors and population fluctuations.


Lights, Camera, Nature:  Using refuge cameras, students gain an improved understanding of methods and techniques for nature photography.  We’ll conduct a photography shoot in nature practicing use of normal, macro and action settings on a digital camera.  The teacher will receive a cd of all photos after the field trip.

School Programs in Development

The Carbon Cycle Game: 7th-12th graders
Marine Debris:  4th-12th graders


Education Kits:

Native Land Mammals of Kodiak Kit

This traveling education kit is available for loan to educators, homeschoolers and childcare providers.

This kit includes fur samples, track making kits, and skulls of a number of Kodiak land mammals.  Although a curriculum is included for grades 6th, the kit is a useful resource for any age when covering the topic of land mammals.

The Kodiak Refuge has funds available to ship the land mammal kit to Kodiak area villages. Please contact the Education Specialist at 487-0283 for information on reserving the kit.