Wildlife & Habitat

Klamath Marsh

  • Habitat

    The Klamath Marsh Refuge wetlands are primarily wet meadows with some open water wetlands. This natural plant community is maintained by a program of cattle grazing, haying and prescribed fire. Haying and burning of native grasses is used as a management technique to create fall and spring feeding habitat for waterfowl and sandhill cranes. Waterfowl use is monitored aerially during the fall and spring.

  • Wildlife

    Waterfowl production is monitored in the spring, with mallard, cinnamon teal, redhead, scaup, gadwall, ringneck duck and Canada geese the main nesting species. The nesting sandhill crane population averages 50-60 pair.

    Yellow rails and Oregon Spotted Frogs which are species of special concern are also surveyed annually. This refuge has a rich cultural heritage, as it includes part of the historic lands used by the Klamath Tribes. Consultation with the Klamath Tribes on refuge management activities is a regular activity.