Plants and Trees

  • ‘Aheahea

    Aheahea thumbnail

    The flowers are small and white. The seeds are dark brown. 

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  • ‘Akia

    akia thumbnail

    When in bloom, numerous clusters of tiny yellow flowers develop which turn into a small orange or red fruit.

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  • ‘Akoko

    akoko thumbnail

    Flowers are tiny. The seeds are sticky with gelatin sheaths. 

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  • Hala

    hala thumbnail

    The male tree has flowers that hang in clusters and are fragrant and the female tree bears the fruit.

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  • ‘Ilima


    It is a shrub with grayish-green, heart-shaped leaves. The flowers are solitary and yellowish-orange.  

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  • Naupaka Kahakai

    naupaka thumbnail

    The flower is white with five petals all on one side.  

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  • Niu

    niu thumbnail

    Each coconut tree has both the male and female flowers. The pollinated female flowers grow into coconuts in about 10 months.  

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  • Pōhinahina

    pohinahina thumbnail

    The flowers are blue or purple with round red or black fruit. 

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  • Pōhuehue

    pohuehue thumbnail

    The flowers are pink and shaped like a bell with a small fruit inside with four seeds. 

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  • ‘Ūlei

    ulei thumbnail

    The leaves are glossy green and the flowers have white petals 

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