2017 Articles


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12/29/2017 Thanks to those who serve at the Refuge (Steve Miller) images: 1, 2

12/22/2017 Tall woolly-heads: what are they doing here? (Matt Bowser) images: 1

12/15/2017 Allelopathy: plant chemical warfare (Kyra Clark) images: 1

12/8/2017 Alaskan wild sheep and goats threatened by “Movi (Dom Watts) images: 1

12/1/2017 Banded birds know no borders (Todd Eskelin) images: 1

11/24/2017 The Harding Icefield: A shrinking landscape on the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton) images: 1

11/17/2017 Why northern pike are bad for the Kenai Peninsula (Rob Massengill) images: 1

11/10/2017 Assessing stream crossings for fish passage (Emily Munter) images: 1

11/3/2017 An unmanned survey of a tern colony (Mark Laker) images: 1

10/27/2017 Due dates for Kenai Refuge permits just around the corner (Rebecca Uta)

10/20/2017 Relocation of the Darien-Lindgren Cabin (Michael Bernard) images: 1, 2

10/13/2017 Flying into the future (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1

10/6/2017 Northern Groundcones—the cure for cancer? (John Morton) images: 1, 2

9/29/2017 Secure natal dens are vital for many carnivorous mammals (Ted Bailey) images: 1

9/22/2017 What happens to herbicides after we apply them? (Kyra Clark) images: 1

9/15/2017 Revisiting big-ear radix snails on the Kenai Peninsula (Matt Bowser) images: 1, 2

9/8/2017 Mystery solved! (Todd Eskelin) images: 1, 2

9/1/2017 How invasive plants invade the landscape (John Morton) images: 1, 2

8/25/2017 The trick to counting mountain goats (Dom Watts) images: 1

8/18/2017 Another tourist flying through (Cade Kellam) images: 1

8/11/2017 Could you win the Alaskan lottery? (Hydn McDermott-Johnston) images: 1, 2

8/4/2017 What’s covering the Kenai Peninsula? (Mary Thomas) images: 1

7/28/2017 What’s up with the black squirrels? (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1

7/21/2017 The bad biter par excellence (Matt Bowser) images: 1

7/14/2017 Your photo can save salmon on the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton) images: 1

7/7/2017 The story behind snowshoe hare pellets (Kyra Clark) images: 1, 2

6/30/2017 A tale of two birches (John Morton) images: 1

6/23/2017 The lure of the North and where it led me (Candace Ward) images: 1

6/16/2017 Alaska’s smallest sea monster (Cade Kellam) images: 1

6/9/2017 Faces of climate inequality (Tracy Melvin) images: 1, 2

6/2/2017 Pteropods: beer nuts of the ocean (Brenda Trefon) images: 1

5/26/2017 Butterworts: carnivorous and easily overlooked beauties (Matt Bowser) images: 1, 2

5/19/2017 Hiking in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Kraxberger-Linson) images: 1

5/12/2017 Celebrating wildlife mothers (John Morton) images: 1, 2

5/5/2017 Using drones to monitor nesting Aleutian Terns (Mark Laker) images: 1

4/28/2017 Surprising trees grow on the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton) images: 1, 2

4/21/2017 Spring into Earth Day (Leah Eskelin) images: 1, 2

4/14/2017 American marten on the Kenai are climate change “winners” (John Morton) images: 1

4/7/2017 Breaking in Marsh Lake Trail (Travis Mabe) images: 1

3/31/2017 River otters: always a pleasure to observe in the wild (Ted Bailey) images: 1

3/24/2017 A brief history of mountain goat population management on the Kenai Peninsula (Dom Watts) images: 1

3/17/2017 March Madness—Alaskan style (Todd Eskelin) images: 1

3/10/2017 Making a more sustainable landscape on the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton) images: 1

3/3/2017 The scientific basis for hunting (John Morton) images: 1

2/24/2017 Rain shadows create diverse (and changing) alpine habitats (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1

2/17/2017 New wildlife biologist lands in Kenai Refuge (Dom Watts) images: 1

2/10/2017 2,000 species on the Kenai Refuge! (John Morton) images: 1

2/3/2017 Oh no, overflow! (Mark Laker) images: 1

1/27/2017 Sterling gets a break with wildfire risk (Kristi Bulock) images: 1, 2

1/20/2017 A Christmas adventure (Rebecca Uta) images: 1, 2

1/13/2017 The Kenai Peninsula’s first exotic freshwater snail (Matt Bowser) images: 1

1/6/2017 An eye on goldeneyes (Todd Eskelin) images: 1