2016 Articles


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12/30/2016 Kenai Refuge highlights in 2016 (John Morton) images: 1

12/23/2016 The long nights of winter (John Morton) images: 1

12/16/2016 A Time for Reflection—Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th Anniversary (Part II) (Andy Loranger) images: 1

12/9/2016 Celebrate Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th birthday! (Candace Ward) images: 1

12/2/2016 A time for reflection – Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th Anniversary (Part I) (Andy Loranger) images: 1

11/25/2016 Where do our Trumpeter Swans go in the winter? (John Morton) images: 1, 2

11/18/2016 Local high school students monitor fire management (Allie Cunningham) images: 1, 2

11/11/2016 World War II veterans and their roles in Kenai Refuge history (Ted Bailey) images: 1

11/4/2016 Revisiting Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac (Ted Bailey) images: 1

10/28/2016 Reflecting on the conservation legacy of Ding Darling (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1

10/21/2016 Yes, earthworms are changing the Kenai (Matt Bowser) images: 1, 2

10/14/2016 Ruffed grouse on the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton) images: 1

10/7/2016 Working at the Kenai Refuge is more than a job (Macey Hoffman) images: 1

9/30/2016 Celebrate Kenai National Wildlife Refuge’s 75th Birthday through a Very Special Event! (Amber Kraxberger-Linson and Candace Ward) images: 1, 2

9/23/2016 Where salmon streams get their water matters (John Morton) images: 1

9/16/2016 Invasive plants: Planning today for the future of tomorrow (Mariah McInnis) images: 1

9/9/2016 Versatility in the game of climate change (Todd Eskelin) images: 1

9/2/2016 Pushing away from single use plastic water bottles (Marcos Anguiano)

8/26/2016 Options for managing wildfires in Alaska (Nate Perrine) images: 1

8/19/2016 Adventuring with the Student Conservation Association (Brad Stoner) images: 1

8/12/2016 What puts the "smart" in Water Smartweed? (Mariah McInnis) images: 1

8/5/2016 The first step in solving invasive species problems (Joel Stone) images: 1, 2

7/29/2016 How flexible is migration timing for Kenai birds? (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1, 2

7/22/2016 Wildlife viewing through augmented reality: it's a new game (Leah Eskelin) images: 1

7/15/2016 Coyote ecology on the Kenai Peninsula (Ted Bailey) images: 1

7/8/2016 Moss piglets? More common than you think on the Kenai (Rebekah Brassfield) images: 1, 2

7/1/2016 Kenaitze Youth dig into their past at Susten Archaeology Camp (Leah Eskelin) images: 1, 2

6/24/2016 Marine-derived nutrients: What goes around comes around (John Morton) images: 1

6/10/2016 The cat is out of the house (Todd Eskelin) images: 1

6/3/2016 Elodea gone from the Kenai Peninsula? (John Morton) images: 1, 2

5/27/2016 2016 Summer Fun at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward) images: 1, 2

5/20/2016 Smarter management of invasive plants with weed-free gravel (Jen Peura) images: 1

5/13/2016 Remembering When (Lindy McNeilus) images: 1

5/6/2016 Marge Mullen—cherished friend of Kenai NWR for 69 years (Candace Ward) images: 1, 2

4/29/2016 Wonderful vernal pool life (Matt Bowser) images: 1, 2, 3

4/22/2016 The story behind Earth Day (John Morton) images: 1

4/15/2016 Warm winters and other signs of the Anthropocene (John Morton) images: 1, 2

4/8/2016 Kenai Refuge cabins: solitude with a bit of comfort (Dan Saxton) images: 1, 2

4/1/2016 You never know who will walk through the door (Candace Ward) images: 1, 2

3/25/2016 Agencies work together to study Kenai moose (Nate Olson) images: 1

3/18/2016 Structure from Motion: new technology to answer landscape-scale questions (Mark Laker) images: 1

3/11/2016 How prior fuel treatments helped manage the 2015 Card Street Fire (Nate Perrine) images: 1

3/4/2016 Why do bears wake up in winter? (John Morton) images: 1

2/26/2016 The tinder fungus, the Ice Man, and amadou (Matt Bowser) images: 1, 2, 3

2/19/2016 Fighting the good fight against invasive weeds (Jen Peura) images: 1

2/12/2016 Climate change does not bode well for snowshoe hares (Ted Bailey) images: 1

2/5/2016 How science helps manage the Kenai Refuge (John Morton) images: 1

1/29/2016 Conserving nature’s stage in Alaska (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1

1/22/2016 Celebrating Kenai Refuge’s 75th birthday in 75 ways (Matt Conner) images: 1

1/15/2016 Photographing our nightscape (Rebecca Uta) images: 1, 2

1/8/2016 Christmas Bird Counts—a new family tradition (Todd Eskelin) images: 1

1/1/2016 New Refuge Visitor Center a 2015 highlight (Andy Loranger) images: 1, 2