2015 Articles


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12/25/2015 How the Capitol Christmas Tree was named (John Morton) images: 1, 2

12/18/2015 Public use cabins a legacy of retiring refuge ranger (Candace Ward) images: 1

12/11/2015 Fire in the winter (Mike Hill) images: 1

12/4/2015 The mysterious life of the vagabond cluster fly (Matt Bowser) images: 1

11/27/2015 In honor of turkeys (John Morton) images: 1

11/20/2015 Feral wildlife can be a problem (Johm Morton) images: 1

11/13/2015 Radio and GPS collars help manage moose and caribou on the Kenai (Nate Olson) images: 1, 2

11/6/2015 Local seashells provide more than just a home for hermit crabs (Jennifer Peura) images: 1

10/30/2015 Upcoming fall free events at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center (Candace Ward) images: 1, 2

10/23/2015 On-line citizen science: making your interests count (Matt Bowser) images: 1, 2

10/16/2015 The Kenai isthmus is a management conundrum (John Morton) images: 1, 2

10/9/2015 A summer of birdsong (Mariah Stephens) images: 1, 2

10/2/2015 Refuge intern has best summer by far (William Moore III) images: 1, 2

9/25/2015 More to a bird feeder than just its contents (Todd Eskelin) images: 1

9/18/2015 Varied Thrush still around on the Kenai (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1, 2

9/11/2015 Warm summers prepare for spruce bark beetle return (Ed Berg) image: 1

9/4/2015 The Kenai crusader: tales of a Kenai Refuge intern (Jacob Heslop) images: 1

8/28/2015 After the fire (Kristi Bulock) images: 1, 2

8/21/2015 Bear Mountain Trail offers photo and berry-picking opportunities (Nick Longobardi) images: 1, 2

8/14/2015 A different way to think about climate change (Dylan Beach) image: 1

8/7/2015 Local kids do big work (Michelle Mulder) images: 1, 2

7/31/2015 The Kenai Peninsula rediscovered (Nate Perrine) image: 1

7/24/2015 At a loss for what to do? Camping opportunities galore (Nick Longobardi) images: 1, 2

7/172015 Eat your peas—just not the ones you find in the wild (Jenny Archis) images: 1, 2

7/10/2015 Bird cherries on the Kenai: a preview (Matt Bowser) iamges: 1

7/3/2015 Common grass has uncommon attributes (John Morton) images: 1

6/26/2015 Legacy of a tiny leg-banded bird found on the Refuge (Ted Bailey)

6/19/2015 Carnivorous plant common in Kenai lakes (Jenny Archis) images: 1, 2

6/12/2015 Kenai Refuge is looking for bats (Mallory Okuly) images: 1

6/5/2015 Killing elodea under the ice (John Morton) images 1, 2

5/29/2015 Grand opening of your new Kenai Refuge Visitor Center (Leah Eskelin and Candace Ward) images: 1, 2, 3, 4

5/22/2015 The chaga poachers (Matt Bowser) images: 123

5/15/2015 Exotic dove continues a steady march north (Todd Eskelin) images: 12

5/8/2015 Nature’s first green is gold (Elizabeth Bella) images: 1, 2

5/1/2015 Learning to be a game warden (Kelly Modla) images: 1, 2, 3

4/24/2015 Tips for using bear spray (John Morton) images: 1

4/17/2015 Poking at Earth Day with a stick (Matt Conner) images: 1

4/10/2015 What do you value about living on the Kenai Peninsula? (Dawn Robin Magness) images: 1

4/3/2015 New aerial photography technology: little camera—big picture (Mark Laker) images: 1

3/27/2015 Living with climate change in our backyards (Elizabeth Bella) images: 1

3/20/2015 Ode to crows, ravens, jays and magpies (John Morton) images: 1

3/13/2015 “Hey moose, nice baby!”: prep now for springtime walks (Leah Eskelin) images: 1

3/6/2015 Permitting Kenai National Wildlife Refuge commercial guides and outfitters (Donna Handley) images: 1

2/27/2015 Finding the meaning of the moose (Matt Conner) images: 1

2/20/2015 115th Christmas Bird Count: Records fall (Toby Burke)

2/13/2015 The lively winter life of quaking aspen (Elizabeth Bella) images: 1

2/6/2015 Following the Alaska Dream (Candace Ward) images: 1

1/30/2015 Futuristic method to identify insects becomes reality (Matt Bowser) images: 1

1/23/2015 What do caribou and wood bison have in common? (Nate Olson) images: 1

1/16/2015 Kenai Refuge fire management officer heads out to new adventures (Kristi Bulock) images: 1

1/9/2015 Celebrating marmots (John Morton) images: 1

1/2/2015 Missing the missing snow (Andy Loranger) images: 1