2014 Articles


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12/26/2014 Rutting moose and the social significance of antlers (Ted Bailey)

12/19/2014 Eradicating an invasive predator from the Kenai Peninsula (Kristine Dunker and Robert Massengill)

12/12/2014 Camouflage depends on the background (Dawn Robin Magness)

12/5/2014 Are we winning the war on invasives? (Elizabeth Bella)

11/28/2014 Thanksgiving: Remembering those who trusted, encouraged and inspired us (Ted Bailey)

11/21/2014 Birders flock after "fowl" weather events (Todd Eskelin)

11/14/2014 Progress on eradicating elodea from the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton)

11/7/2014 Elusive, inconspicuous brown creepers favor old growth forests (Ted Bailey)

10/31/2014 Kenai Refuge has new Visitor Services Manager (Matt Conner)

10/24/2014 Thousands of feet on the ground are a challenge in Changbai Mountain, China (Leah Eskelin)

10/17/2014 A day on Tustumena Lake (Donna Handley)

10/10/2014 Special regulations for furbearer trapping on the Refuge (Joe Williams)

10/3/2014 Research links the forests of the Kenai Peninsula and Amazon (Juan Camilo Villegas Palacio)

9/26/2014 Celebrating 50 years of wilderness (Andy Loranger)

9/19/2014 Silence in Kenai's soundscape (Tim Mullet)

9/12/2014 Bird checklist of the Kenai Flats: It's about time (Toby Burke)

9/5/2014 A journey through botanical time (Elizabeth Bella)

8/29/2014 Scottish kids help restore cabins on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Graham McDonald)

8/22/2014 Geologists determine age of Bluff Point Landslde (Ed Berg, Dick Reger and Bretwood Higman)

8/15/2014 Spruce mast events: feast or famine (Matt Bowser)

8/8/2014 When is a dandelion not a dandelion? (John Morton)

8/1/2014 Fish need trees too (Isabela Vilella)

7/18/2014 Herding geese—with airplanes? (Bri Kilbourne)

7/11/2014 Tracking time in the New and Old Worlds (John Morton)

7/4/2014 Our sockeye red, ptarmigan white, & forget-me-not blue (Jennifer Peura)

6/27/2014 Breeding Bird Surveys—Quick! Three beers! (Bri Kilbourne)

6/20/2014 Aquatic habitat mapping "off-the-shelf" (Mark Laker)

6/13/2014 Ghosts of fires past (John Morton)

6/6/2014 Fire-adapted plants thrive after wildfire (Elizabeth Bella)

5/30/2014 A geologic explanation for two sockeye populations in the Russian River (Dick Reger)

5/16/2014 Surviving an aircraft crash in water (Jennifer Peura)

5/9/2014 Ice-age mammals on the Kenai Peninsula: an update (Dick Reger)

5/2/2014 Spring migration comes to the Kenai (Toby Burke)

4/25/2014 Kenai Refuge sponsors the first Game Warden Camp for Youth (Kelly Modla)

4/18/2014 Kenai Refuge celebrates Wilderness on Earth Day (Candace Ward)

4/11/2014 Brown bears cannot be shot over black bear bait on the Refuge (Rob Barto)

4/4/2014 Hidden Lake Campground—a "hidden gem" on the Kenai Refuge (Michelle Ostrowski)

3/28/2014 Defining wilderness in a climate changing world (John Morton)

3/21/2014 Two jays for two biomes (Dawn Robin Magness)

3/14/2014 New Visitor Center becoming reality (Leah Eskelin)

3/7/2014 Kruger National Park and the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge share common conservation issues (Ted Bailey)

2/28/2014 A demonstration of age and beauty (Todd Eskelin)

2/21/2014 Time to apply for summer jobs at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward)

2/14/2014 Genetic diversity of wildlife on the Kenai Peninsula is a mixed bag (John Morton)

2/7/2014 Counting moose with drones? May be sooner than you think (Nate Olson)

1/31/2014 Common gardens may reveal uncommon choice (Elizabeth Bella)

1/24/2014 A new clam on the beaches (Matt Bowser)

1/17/2014 A different way of "looking at" sound (Mandy Salminen)

1/10/2014 Dena'ina names for birds of the Kenai Peninsula (John Morton)

1/3/2014 New Administrative Officer at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Becky Uta)