2012 Articles


In March of 2012 the Kenai Refuge staff was recognized for 13 years of contributions to our local paper through the Refuge Notebook Series.  Read the article by USFWS: Open Spaces...

12/28/2012 Nature’s Gifts and Our Public Lands (Loranger)
12/21/2012 Are Bird Feeders for the Rich? (T. Eskelin)
12/14/2012 Seldom Seen Native Sucker Occurs in Kenai Lakes (J. Dean)
11/30/2012 What Goes on Under the Snow? (Bella)
11/23/2012 Refuge Loses 94 Years of Talent and Experience to Retirements (Morton)
11/16/2012 Refuge Pilot Tells of Learning Good Judgment (Hurd)
11/09/2012 Wilderness Through My Eyes (Steinlicht)
11/02/2012 The Kenai Peninsula Chapter of the Alaska Conservation Society (Johnston)
10/26/2012 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Schmidt)
10/19/2012 Refuge Readies for Trapping Season, Hosts Workshop (Modla)
10/12/2012 A Summer Counting Kings on the Killey River (Young)
10/05/2012 Who Knew Sitting Could be so Active?! (Ward/L.Eskelin)
09/28/2012 Window Strikes May be Greatest Cause of Bird Mortality (T. Eskelin)
09/21/2012 Mystery Defoliation at Treeline in the Kenai Mountains (Morton)
09/14/2012 How an Aquarium Plant Threatens Water ways on the Kenai Peninsula (Bella)
09/07/2012 Global Network for Understanding Natural Sounds (Mullet)
08/31/2012 Going“oding” for dragonflies (Morton)
08/24/2012 Come Out For Wild Berry Fun Day!!! (Ward)
08/17/2012 Baneberry:  A Poisonous Fruit (McDermott-Johnston)
08/10/2012 “So what exactly do you do?” (Mulligan)
08/03/2012 Lessons from "bear viewing" the McNeil River (Morton)
07/27/2012 The Road Not Taken: Moose & Fire in the Kenai Forest Ecology (Bella)
07/20/2012 Lemmings: Never too small to make an impact (Bartkovich)
07/13/2012 Youth Conservation Corps is Working Towards the Future (CiJohnson)
07/06/2012 Enjoy the refuge this summer (but please do it lawfully) (Beyer)
06/29/2012 New refuge staff reflects on new training  (Heeren)
06/22/2012 Exploring the Mystery Springtails from my own back yard (Bowser) 
06/15/2012 Your boots are made for walking, but use the boot brush first (Morton)
06/08/2012 Get Some Nature into Your Kids at Kenai Refuge (Ward)
06/01/2012 Summer Fun at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Ward)
05/25/2012 Tustumena Lake accident is a reminder to plan for the worst (Barto)
05/18/2012 What camp will you attend this summer? (Ostrowski)
05/11/2012 New bird records on the Kenai Peninsula (T Eskelin)
05/04/2012 Why Wild Alaska Salmon Love Snow (Mauger)
04/27/2012 Opportunities to learn about invasive plants (Kain)
04/20/2012 A look back...on a fun career! (Ernst) 
04/13/2012 Thumb on the Pulse: Phenology in the Context of Change (Bella)
04/06/2012 Sounds of Silence on the Kenai (B Johnson)
03/30/2012 Mystery of the Frog-Killing Fungus (Morton) 
03/23/2012 112TH Christmas Bird Count: New Circle Means New Birds (Burke)
03/16/2012 System Changes for black bear baiting permits at the Refuge (Williams)
03/09/2012 Both Ends of the Earth: Reflections on a Year in New Zealand (Bella)
03/02/2012 Fostering conservation through the Adopt-a-Stream Program (Wright)
02/24/2012 Hosting at Hidden Lake - The “Hidden Gem”  (Ward) 
02/17/2012 Soldotna Christmas Bird Count Results (Burke)
02/10/2012 Reading the Rocks  (Haserodt)
02/03/2012 Historical observations of highways, fire and moose on the Kenai (Titus)
01/27/2012 Of Moose and Men (Morton) 
01/20/2012 What porcupines do in winter (besides eat and sleep) (B Johnson)
01/13/2012 Students Learn and Grow on the Refuge, Some Get Paid, Too! (L Eskelin)
01/06/2012 National Wildlife Refuges: From Coral Reefs to Alaskan Forests  (Magness)