2010 Articles

12/31/2010 Snowmobiles on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge: A Historical Perspective (Johnston)
12/24/2010 Kenai Refuge ecologist retires, predicts a dry future for the western Kenai (Berg)
12/10/2010 Let it Snow! (Mullet)
12/03/2010 Christmas Break – A Great Time for College Students to Apply for Summer Jobs at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Ward)
11/19/2010 Unveiling the secret lives of elusive wolverines, Part II (Bailey)
11/12/2010 Unveiling the secret lives of elusive wolverines, Part 1 (Bailey)
11/05/2010 A trek across the Kenai 160 years ago in search of beetles (Bowser)
10/29/2010 Take a Hike! (Ernst)
10/22/2010 Season's Change Sends Some Animals Packing (Eskelin)
10/15/2010 Reconciliation Ecology at Work on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Dinovo)
10/08/2010 A Fuller Lake to Skyline Hiking Route - A Solo Challenge Brings Many Rewards (Jacob)
10/01/2010 Now and then: The history of red fox on the Kenai Peninsula (Jozwiak)
09/24/2010 Celebrating 30 Years of Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness (Ward)
09/17/2010 Evidence of Flying Squirrels on the Kenai Peninsula? It is Debatable! (Magness)
09/10/2010 Skilak Loop Habitat Project Expected to Increase Wildlife-Oriented Recreation Opportunities (Newbould)
09/03/2010 The Kenai Peninsula's "Other" Loon of Small Lakes (Bailey)
08/27/2010 Rookie biologist meets brown bears, Chickaloon mud, and malformed frogs (Ruffner)
08/20/2010 Wilderness Volunteers help rebuild Cottonwood Creek Trail (Johnson)
08/13/2010 Road easement through Native land provides legal access to west side of Refuge (Caldes)
08/06/2010 Earthworms as Invasives on the Kenai (Bowser)
07/30/2010 The common weed plantain is a wonderful healing herb (Berg)
07/23/2010 Scales of papyriferic acid protect birch branches from snowshoe hares and sauna bathers, but not moose (Berg)
07/16/2010 Stop to hear the decibels (Mullet)
07/09/2010 Historic log cabins provide log timeline of settlement of the Kenai (Titus)
07/02/2010 Reed Canary Grass is marching forward (Berg)
06/25/2010 Planning Your Summer Flights on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Beyer)
06/18/2010 A Walk Through the Forest - Summer Programs at the Kenai Refuge (Ostrowski)
06/04/2010 The Snowshoe Hare: A Short Lifetime of Constant Predation (Bailey)
05/28/2010 On the Boots of Anglers (Anderson)
05/21/2010 Kenai Birding Festival flies in this weekend (Eskelin)
05/14/2010 Birds and Dogs Don’t Mix (Eskelin)
05/07/2010 The Swanson River: a treasure worth keeping (Morton)
04/30/2010 Kenai wildlife may be more special than you think! (Morton)
04/23/2010 Bear Baiting On the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Barto)
04/16/2010 Spring Happenings at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Williams)
04/09/2010 Gulls Return to Signify the First Days of Spring (Eskelin)
04/02/2010 Conservation Starts with One Person and One Idea (Slavik)
03/26/2010 A Winter Day in the Outdoors Yields Simple Pleasures for Family (Burke)
03/19/2010 Hypothermia: Stay warm, stay dry, stay alive (Williams)
03/12/2010 Beyond the official Kenai Refuge ski trails (Bowser)
03/05/2010 Hacienda Barú: a different kind of National Wildlife Refuge (Berg)
02/26/2010 Refuge ecologist enjoys fungus-farming leaf-cutter ants in Costa Rica (Berg)
02/19/2010 Duck Stamps: Not Just For Hunters (Schmidt)
02/12/2010 Ermine: Bundles of boundless energy (Eskelin)
02/05/2010 Winter Walks: Lessons Learned in Sand and Snow (Eskelin)
01/29/2010 Why did the Salmon cross the road? (Edwards)
01/22/2010 110TH Annual Christmas Bird Count: Soldotna Results (Burke)
01/15/2010 Kenai Wilderness 30th Anniversary -The Kenai Peninsula’s Wild Legacy (Johnston)
01/08/2010 Looking Back and forward, a time of transitions (Staller)