2009 Articles


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12/31/2009 Sterling Highway reconstruction project for milepost 58 to 79 hits the fast lane (Rick Ernst)

12/25/2009 Seabird observations from the Gulf of Alaska (Toby Burke)

12/18/2009 Soldotna Area Christmas Bird Count slated for Saturday, December 19, 2009 (Elizabeth Jozwiak )

12/11/2009 The early days on the trapline (Gary Titus)

12/4/2009 Birds and climate change together (Dawn Robin Magness and John Morton)

11/27/2009 Alien insects of Alaska (Matt Bowser)

11/20/2009 Local authors share their passion (Candace Ward)

11/13/2009 Permafrost on the Kenai Lowlands (Ed Berg)

11/6/2009 Curiosity and observations help solve a mystery (Ted Bailey)

10/30/2009 Local bird hotline leads to little treasures all year long (Leah Eskelin)

10/23/2009 Secondary poisoning to Bald Eagles from Pentobarbital (Liz Jozwiak)

10/16/2009 Kenai Refuge gets stimulated (Scott Slavik)

10/9/2009 Bird brains may be bigger than we think (Todd Eskelin)

10/2/2009 Mallard duck rescued from monofilament line entanglement (Duston Beyer)

9/18/2009 Fall Fun Day events at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward)

9/11/2009 Chickaloon Flats Journal II (Sean Ulman)

9/4/2009 Free pizza and a passion for wildlife (Betty Siegel)

8/28/2009 Departing refuge manager reflects on changes and future challenges (Robin West)

8/21/2009 YCC: Fostering a relationship between youth and the environment (Ryan Belz)

8/14/2009 Emma DeWeese: A five-month honeymoon would be a dream for most women (Emily Sunblade)

8/7/2009 Monitoring Common Loons for contaminants on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Liz Jozwiak)

7/31/2009 The fight against pike (Emily Smith)

7/24/2009 Mapping the future (Dawn Robin Magness)

7/17/2009 Shantatalik Creek Fire bodes well for wildlife (Ed Berg)

7/10/2009 Sudden uplift of the beach recalls ancient landslides (Ed Berg)

7/3/2009 Jigsaw Lake: New studies lend further evidence of very dry times 8-10,000 years ago (Ed Berg)

6/26/2009 A rose is a rose unless it's a dandelion (John Morton)

6/19/2009 Guided opportunities on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Rick Johnston)

6/12/2009 I found a baby bird! Now what? Knowing when to help and when to stay away (Liz Jozwiak)

6/5/2009 Chickaloon Flats journal entry (Sean Ulman)

5/29/2009 Get some nature into your kids at Kenai Refuge Summer Camps (Michelle Ostrowski)

5/15/2009 Be nice to nettles! (Ed Berg)

5/8/2009 Biologists to study shorebirds on Chickaloon Flats this summer (Sean Ulman)

5/1/2009 Forgotten bulldozer in the bushes reveals 1958 saga (Gary Titus)

4/24/2009 Large ice-shoved ramparts tell of wetter, stormier times (Ed Berg)

4/17/2009 Kenai Refuge youth leader sets fast pace through Mexico (Ryan Beltz)

4/10/2009 Did woolly mammoths roam the Kenai Peninsula? Part II (Ted Bailey)

4/3/2009 Did woolly mammoths roam the Kenai Peninsula? Part I (Ted Bailey)

3/27/2009 Refuge education specialist honored with Sense of Wonder Award (Candace Ward)

3/20/2009 Journey down the tag (Jetta Minerva)

3/13/2009 More scenes from Borneo - a bird's nest soup cave, leeches and pitcher plants, ascent of Mount Kinabalu (Ed Berg)

3/6/2009 Adapting to climate change: Why bother? (John Morton)

2/27/2009 Refuge ecologist visits Borneo, marvels at giant trees in a rapidly vanishing rainforest (Ed Berg)

2/20/2009 Rediscovering the cross country ski & snowshoeing trails of Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Scott Slavik)

2/13/2009 Tales of a budding birder (Todd Eskelin)

2/6/2009 Get out and ski! (Mark Laker)

1/30/2009 Outdoor summer jobs available for college students (Jetta Minerva)

1/23/2009 109th annual Christmas Bird Count: Soldotna results (Toby Burke)

1/16/2009 New visitor services manager for Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Janet Schmidt)

1/9/2009 Alaska still a frontier for entomology (Matthew Bowser)

1/2/2009 A quick look back, then a look ahead (Doug Staller)