2008 Articles

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12/26/2008 Soldotna area Christmas Bird Count slated for Saturday, December 27, 2008 (Liz Jozwiak)

12/19/2008 Beyond the boundaries of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Heather Johnson and Mike Edwards)

12/12/2008 A Boreal Owl provides an encounter with an elusive species (Ted Bailey)

12/5/2008 Why did the caribou cross the road? (Rick Ernst)

11/28/2008 Last Child in the Woods spawns a social movement (Ed Berg)

11/21/2008 New bird species expand the Kenai Peninsula list (Todd Eskelin)

11/14/2008 Great "reads" for winter nights (Candace Ward)

11/7/2008 Snowshoe hares and porcupines track sunspot cycle in some areas, at some times (Ed Berg)

10/31/2008 The important stuff? (Robin West)

10/24/2008 Are the Kenai's drying wetlands sources or sinks of CO2 to the atmosphere? (Sue Ives)

10/17/2008 A family float trip down the Yukon River (John Morton)

10/10/2008 Refuge education intern contributes to Kenai Peninsula youth while gaining valuable career experience (Eve Smallwood)

10/3/2008 Strong cycles show boom-and-bust lifestyle for snowshoe hares (Ed Berg)

9/26/2008 Kenai snowshoe hare population monitoring presents puzzling results (Toby Burke)

9/19/2008 Fall Fun Day events at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward)

9/12/2008 Refuge Loons help biologists track toxic environmental mercury across North America (Ted Bailey)

9/5/2008 Mockers on the move (Todd Eskelin)

8/29/2008 Death of the PDO: Has the 30-Year heat wave ended? (Ed Berg)

8/22/2008 We work hard so you don't have to! (Samantha Dingfelder)

8/15/2008 What I did at Refuge summer camp (Michelle Ostrowski)

8/1/2008 Abandoned campfires continue to plague the Kenai Peninsula (Doug Newbould)

7/25/2008 Combat fishing on the Russian River hasn't always been so civil (Gary Titus)

7/18/2008 Draft Refuge plan available for public comment (Robin West)

7/11/2008 Giving back to get ahead; Summer interns bring conservaiton ethic to Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Julia Nagle)

7/4/2008 The wild part of wildlife (Todd Eskelin)

6/27/2008 New Deputy Refuge Manager enjoying the Kenai after five years in Bethel (Doug Staller)

6/20/2008 The grizzly death of King Thurman in 1915 reminds author of his own narrow escape (Gary Titus)

6/13/2008 Celebrate wildflowers at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward)

6/6/2008 Lingering La Nina about to end; El Nino in sight, say ocean models (Ed Berg)

5/30/2008 New report chronicles the history of the Kenai Peninsula landscape for the last 20,000 years (Ed Berg)

5/23/2008 Kenai Lowlands marginal habitat for expanding marten (Andy Baltensperger)

5/16/2008 Get outdoors and connect with the Refuge this summer! (Michelle Ostrowksi)

5/9/2008 Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival coming to Homer this weekend (Liz Jozwiak)

5/2/2008 A national treasure in your own backyard (Claire Caldes)

4/25/2008 The game is on (Todd Eskelin)

4/18/2008 Complacency is a wildfire's friend (Jeff Richardson)

4/11/2008 Join Refuge staff for exciting spring events (Candace Ward)

4/4/2008 The National Wildlife Refuge System is now 105 years young (Doug Newbould)

3/28/2008 It's hiring season at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Scott Slavik)

3/21/2008 Refuge trapper violates game laws (Gary Titus)

3/14/2008 Americans are losing their interest in Nature (Ted Bailey)

3/7/2008 Changing weather makes lakes and roads hazardous for Refuge users (Brenda Nichol)

2/29/2008 Harbingers of change - temperate owl species expanding in to Alaska and Kenai Peninsula (Toby Burke)

2/22/2008 Drive away those winter blues! (Jetta Fonkert)

2/15/2008 Noise in the Wilderness (John Morton)

2/1/2008 Celebrate winter at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward)

1/25/2008 Kenai Peninsula gulls: worth a second look (Toby Burke)

1/18/2008 Seward to Kenai mail trail (Gary Titus)

1/11/2008 It's that time of year... be careful out there! (Rick Ernst)