2007 Articles


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12/28/2007 Soldotna area Christmas Bird Count slated for Saturday, December 29, 2007 (Liz Jozwiak and Jack Sinclair)

12/21/2007 Local riders dreaming of a White Christmas (Rick Johnston)

12/14/2007 A fish, an opposable thumb, a bucket, and 18,000 years (Mark Laker)

12/7/2007 Historical aerial photographs show Kenai open wetlands shrinking at an accelerating rate (Ed Berg with Kacy McDonnell)

11/30/2007 Peat deposits record postglacial climate history of the Kenai (Ed Berg)

11/23/2007 "It's been more than sixteen years ... really "? (Bill Kent)

11/16/2007 Checklist of Alaska bird species: growing by leaps and bounds (Toby Burke)

11/9/2007 Marten rediscover the western Kenai Lowlands (Andy Baltensperger)

11/2/2007 Leaving the Kenai! (Jim Hall)

10/26/2007 "Milk chocolate crunch weevils" often seen in houses, especially in bathtubs (Matt Bowser)

10/12/2007 The anticipation and enjoyment of watching loons rear young (Ted Bailey)

10/5/2007 Birds changing with the environment (Todd Eskelin)

9/28/2007 Splitting the Kenai: two halves don't make a whole (John Morton and Rick Ernst)

9/14/2007 Lessons from Scotland (John Morton)

8/31/2007 Yellow spruce needle rust looks bad, but usually not fatal (Ed Berg)

8/24/2007 Fall fireweed brings reflections and transitions (Michelle Ostrowski)

8/10/2007 Forest detective finally notices strange purple plants in muskegs, finds name, and more names (Ed Berg)

7/27/2007 Putting out wildfires is not enough; defensive clearing and prescribed burn are also necessary (Dianne MacLean)

7/20/2007 Kids Don't Float, a successful program (Rick Johnston)

7/13/2007 Keeping bears and people apart on the Russian River (Bobbie Jo Skibo)

6/29/2007 Preventing bear problems is everyone's responsibility (Liz Jozwiak)

6/22/2007 When the family from Georgia comes for a visit (Bill Kent)

6/15/2007 Kenai and Kasilof Flats: A resource to cherish and conserve - not trample (Toby Burke)

6/8/2007 Burning Peat - a good source of energy and a firefighter's nightmare (Doug Newbould)

6/1/2007 Kenai Mountain Treeline Advances Like Spreading Bread Mold, Not Like Rising Bathtub Water (Roman Dial and Ed Berg)

5/25/2007 Mother nature leaves Refuge fishing facility unusable (Bill Kent)

5/18/2007 What can be done to prevent the spread of "invasive" plants on the Kenai Peninsula? Find out by attending Dandelion Sundae (Toby Burke)

5/11/2007 Kenai Shorebird Celebration flies for third straight year (Todd Eskelin)

5/4/2007 Refuge plans prescribed fire northeast of Sterling (Doug Newbould)

4/27/2007 Emergency care and rehabilitation of baby song birds workshop May 13, 2007: Knowing when to help, and when to stay away (Liz Jozwiak)

4/20/2007 Black bear baiting on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Chris Johnson)

4/13/2007 Give caribou a break (John Morton)

3/30/2007 Hyperspace: From the Yukon River to the Kenai River (Geoff Beyersdorf)

3/23/2007 Birding events celebrate spring! (Candace Ward)

3/16/2007 Biodiversity on the Refuge (Mark Laker)

3/2/2007 Pins on the map: crash site reflections and practical considerations (Rick Johnston)

2/23/2007 Bark beetles will shift Kenai forests toward hardwoods over next century (Ed Berg)

2/16/2007 Owls: Formidable predators of the Kenai Peninsula (Toby Burke)

2/2/2007 Guides services on the Kenai Refuge in 2007 (Tai Davis)

1/26/2007 Refuge ecologist visits the Bahamas (Ed Berg)

1/19/2007 Big back yard: Winter activities abound on wildlife refuge lands (Bill Kent)

1/12/2007 Climate change on the Kenai Peninsula: Cooked moose? (John Morton)

1/5/2007 Share the Refuge with a child; it will open up a brand new world (Richard Johnston)