2005 Articles


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12/30/2005 Refuge Place Names: How places were named on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Gary Titus)

12/9/2005 Refuge used new strategy for the Fox Creek and Irish Channel Fires (Doug Newbould)

11/25/2005 Alaska Natural History Association - an important partner for the Kenai Refuge (Brenda Nichol)

11/18/2005 Bark beetles hammer forests throughout the West, headed eastward (Ed Berg)

11/11/2005 The Kenai Peninsula as seen from outer space (Lee O'Brien)

11/4/2005 A robin by any other name... (Doug Newbould)

10/28/2005 Jays making a "Steller" appearance at local feeders (Todd Eskelin)

10/21/2005 Sign, sign, everywhere a sign (Dave Kenagy)

10/14/2005 Daddy long-legs of the home, garden, and mountains (Matt Bowser)

9/30/2005 Aerial swan survey evokes memories and visions of change on the Kenai (Ted Bailey)

9/23/2005 Celebrate new Environmental Education Center at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge! (Candace Ward)

9/16/2005 Shrub invasion shows recent drying of ancient Kenai peatlands (Ed Berg)

9/9/2005 The 2005 Kenai Peninsula fire season is another for the record books (Doug Newbould)

9/2/2005 Long road to the Kenai: wanderings of an itinerant biotech (Toby Burke)

8/26/2005 A volunteer intern from Hawaii studies invasive plants on the Kenai (Sadie Purinton)

8/19/2005 Let the school times roll! (Nicole Johnson)

8/5/2005 The Carpathian Mountains: A refuge for wildlife and a "paradise" for the people of Slovakia (Ted Bailey)

7/29/2005 Climate warming brings alders and spruce bark beetles to mountains across Cook Inlet (Ed Berg)

7/22/2005 Trumpeter swan cygnets shipped to Iowa for swan restoration program (Liz Jozwiak)

7/15/2005 Researchers are a valuable asset to Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Rick Johnston)

7/8/2005 A sordid affair: shorebird mating systems (Toby Burke)

7/1/2005 When the family from Georgia comes for a visit (Bill Kent)

6/24/2005 Aphids by the bucket form "oil slick" on Cook Inlet waters (Dominique Collet and Ed Berg)

6/17/2005 Heading out to wet a line on the Upper Kenai River? You’re not alone (Julie Laker)

6/10/2005 Refuge planning effort continues to progress (Robin West)

6/3/2005 Wildlife Refuge has first annual Clean-Up, Green-Up Day (Ted Bailey)

5/27/2005 Snipe - the true harbingers of spring (Ted Bailey)

5/20/2005 The up's and down's of dandelions (Candace Ward)

5/13/2005 Spring is a great time to get out and see Wildlife (Robin West)

5/6/2005 A story about a caring family and a boat rescue (Clay McDermott )

4/29/2005 Merlins and fidelity - it's not what you think, Merlins and witches' brooms (John Morton)

4/22/2005 Harvesting spring - clamming at Ninilchik (Mari Reeves)

4/15/2005 Refuge ecologist visits Costa Rica (Ed Berg)

4/8/2005 Wildland fire behavior prediction is both science and art (Doug Newbould)

4/1/2005 Looking beyond the snow berms, there are new things to see (Leah Rigall)

3/25/2005 Invasive Plants: An ounce of prevention... (Caleb Slemmons)

3/11/2005 Do long tails tell the tale? Reported mountain lion sightings once again in the news (Ted Bailey)

3/4/2005 Ecologist will use computer maps to track Refuge landcape and wildlife (Lee O’Brien)

2/25/2005 Why doesn't it grow here? (Ed Berg)

2/18/2005 Moose Range Meadows conservation is a challenging but worthwhile "work in progress" (Rick Johnston)

2/11/2005 I love nature (Mari Reeves)

2/4/2005 What the interagency All Lands/All Hands agreement and action plan mean to the Refuge (Doug Newbould)

1/28/2005 Tree-ring dates for the Victor Holm cabins (Ed Berg)

1/21/2005 Winter recreation and you, winter fun in your backyard (Nicole Johnson)

1/14/2005 Where do the Bugs go in winter? (Matt Bowser)

1/7/2005 2004 held many accomplishments for Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Robin West)