2004 Articles


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12/31/2004 Soldotna area Christmas Bird Count slated for Sunday, January 2, 2005 (Elizabeth Jozwiak)

12/24/2004 Hunting ethics (Kelly Modla)

12/17/2004 Diseases can be spread to wildlife populations by domestic animals (Elizabeth Jozwiak)

12/10/2004 In search of the perfect Christmas tree, or “the one that got away” (Doug Newbould)

12/3/2004 The Kenai Refuge from a newcomers viewpoint (Tai Davis)

11/26/2004 Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” still relevant after 150 years (Ted Bailey)

11/19/2004 Kamchatkamixture of southern Alaska’s past and future (Ed Berg)

11/12/2004 The blue goosemythical creature or enduring symbol? (Scott Slavik)

10/29/2004 “I am not a morning person” (Doug Newbould)

10/22/2004 Where’s the wildlife? (John Morton)

10/15/2004 How I rescued a marbled murrelet (Noah Nelson (with help from Chloe Nelson and Cindy Sherlock))

10/8/2004 Attraction to the natural world often begins in early childhood (Theodore N. Bailey)

10/1/2004 What's going on at the refuge these days? (Kimo Rogala)

9/24/2004 It was a very busy summer (Bill Kent)

9/17/2004 The Glacier Creek Fire is still generating a lot of questions (Doug Newbould)

9/10/2004 The Harry Johnson cabin restoration project (Bryan Taylor)

9/3/2004 Magnetic wanderNorth to the Canadian Arctic (Mark Laker)

8/27/2004 Plant and animal life flourishes in wetlands this spring and summer (Ted Bailey)

8/20/2004 You say “puncheon," I say “planking" (Dave Kenagy)

8/13/2004 Windy Point burn provides food for through, and for moose, hares (Ed Berg)

8/6/2004 Don't be fooled by pleasant autumn days in August on the Kenai (Doug Newbould)

7/30/2004 Ancient bent trees at treeline are straightening up, tell of climate change (Ed Berg)

7/23/2004 Combining work with playexperiences of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Student Trainee (Heather Knudsen)

7/16/2004 Can I see the Refuge from my recliner? (Kimo Rogala)

7/9/2004 Opening day memories (Robin West)

7/2/2004 The joys of camping (Brenda Nichol)

6/25/2004 Water anyone? (Robin West)

6/18/2004 Free fun on the Refuge (Michelle Ostrowski)

6/11/2004 Cow parsnip soon to decorate Peninsula fields and scorch the uninitiated (Ed Berg)

6/4/2004 Fire season calls for vigilance, cooperation (Jeffrey R. Richardson)

5/28/2004 A warning about introducing exotic birds (Todd Eskelin)

5/21/2004 Ski Hill Road: the Central Kenai's favorite hiking trail (Rick Johnston)

5/14/2004 Be nice to nettles! (Ed Berg)

4/30/2004 What will our grandchildren see on the Kenai? (John Morton)

4/23/2004 “Happy Trails to You,” “Clear the Road,” “Trails for All Seasons” (Dave Kenagy)

4/16/2004 Gulls migrate great distances for summer on the Kenai (Todd Eskelin)

4/9/2004 When it comes to fire management, several options are available (Doug Newbould)

4/2/2004 Refuge takes a new look at cabin program (Robin West)

3/26/2004 Reflections of two departing biologists (Andy De Volder and Stephanie Rickabaugh)

3/19/2004 Breakup means it's time for refuge crews to gear up for summer projects (Bill Kent)

3/12/2004 Forest detective searches for “animal pollen” (Ed Berg)

3/5/2004 When it comes to wildland fire management, Alaskans do things differently (Doug Newbould)

2/27/2004 Unexpected encounters: aggressive grouse defends territory (Ted Bailey)

2/20/2004 Commentaries of a Game Warden (Chris Johnson)

2/13/2004 Plant fossils tell of a warmer Kenai 10 to 20 million years ago (Ed Berg)

2/6/2004 Kenai AdoptAStream program (Dan Pascucci)

1/30/2004 Birding hotline established for the central Kenai Peninsula (Todd Eskelin)

1/23/2004 The Subniveanthe world beneath the snow (Candace Ward)

1/16/2004 Veggie variety; sometimes muskrats skip salad for something more meaty (Ted Bailey)

1/9/2004 Get out on the Refuge to beat those winter blues (Doug Newbould)

1/2/2004 Rota? It's a small world (John Morton)