2002 Articles


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12/27/2002 Kenai National Wildlife Refuge head biologist encounters the 'Alaska Contradiction' (John Morton)

12/20/2002 For the birds: Soldotna area Christmas Bird Count slated for Saturday (Jack Sinclair and Elizabeth Jozwiak)

12/13/2002 Oral history project documents interesting past of refuge and peninsula (Rick Johnston)

12/6/2002 Plenty of things to be thankful for on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Robin West)

11/29/2002 Delayed winter provides pluses and minuses for peninsula animals and plants (Ed Berg)

11/22/2002 Refuge ski trails get summer makeover (Bill Kent)

11/15/2002 Wolf color patterns: Why do some gray and black wolves turn white? (Ted Bailey)

11/8/2002 The ABC's of prescription burning: Careful planning goes into process (Dianne Maclean)

11/1/2002 Strange visitor questions keep Kenai National Wildlife Refuge staff hopping (Brenda Wise)

10/25/2002 Are peninsula beetlekilled trees rotting faster than they used to? (Ed Berg)

10/18/2002 Wildland fire use is sometimes a difficult pill to swallow (Doug Newbould)

10/11/2002 A season full of wonder and enjoyment for everyone (Candace Cartwright)

10/4/2002 Refuge sponsors play about Rachel Carson (Candace Ward)

9/27/2002 Caribou herd reduction accomplished natural (Rick Ernst)

9/20/2002 Migratory Bird Treaty Act sets the ground rules for waterfowl hunters (Rob Barto)

9/13/2002 Injured birds of prey have place on refuge (Liz Jozwiak)

9/6/2002 Footpowered' adaptive management on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Jim Hall)

8/30/2002 Blown down trees reveal secrets of the forest-past and future (Ed Berg)

8/16/2002 Student Conservation Association volunteer discovers history of wilderness cabin (Lindsay O'Reilly)

8/9/2002 Hunting one of many ways to enjoy National Wildlife Refuge System (Robin West)

8/2/2002 Fireweed a good parent, but a poor competitor for sunlight with the big boys (Ed Berg)

7/26/2002 Combat fishing on the Russian River hasn't always been so civil (Gary Titus)

7/19/2002 Emerald Lake shows beautiful flowers, a variety of insects, and hints of climate change (Ed Berg)

7/12/2002 Biologists begin to explore hidden corner of Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Ed Berg)

6/28/2002 Scent of witches'broom not for the tendernosed (Ed Berg)

6/21/2002 Now showing on your local trees: spruce bark beetles and Ips beetles (Ed Berg)

6/14/2002 Name that tune-the Kenai Peninsula's songbirds are back for the summer (Liz Jozwiak)

6/7/2002 Refuge campfires-if you choose to light one, be ready to put it out (Doug Newbould)

5/31/2002 Satellites spy on sandhill cranes as birdstudy technology increases (Todd Eskelin)

5/24/2002 Kenai National Wildlife Refuge wears many hats, but none with plumes (Dave Kenagy)

5/17/2002 Bark beetle history in the Yukon quite different from Kenai Peninsula (Ed Berg)

5/10/2002 The welcome sounds and sights of the harbingers of spring (Ted Bailey)

5/3/2002 Worker bees keep Kenai National Wildlife Refuge running smoothly (Karen McGahan)

4/26/2002 Elusive harlequin ducks can be spotted on peninsula's streams (Todd Eskelin)

4/19/2002 Genetic research reveals unique characteristics of Kenai lynx population (Ted Bailey)

4/12/2002 Part II: Fighting the blaze in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge's Mystery Hills (Doug Newbould)

4/5/2002 2001 Mystery Hills wildfire offers firefighters snapshot of 1947 (Doug Newbould)

3/29/2002 Modern technology helps chase refuge rainbows, Dolly Varden (Doug Palmer)

3/15/2002 Mountain lion `sightings' on refuge still unsubstantiated (Ted Bailey)

3/8/2002 Forest regeneration efforts benefit moose on wildlife refuge (Brandon Miner)

2/22/2002 Unattended property poses problems for refuge managers, users (Rick Johnston)

2/15/2002 Tiny omnivorous mammal maintains low profile on refuge (Stephanie Rickabaugh)

2/8/2002 However it's defined, subsistence is still just a way of life (Jim Hall)

2/1/2002 Severe early winter may have forced muskrats to seek better life (Ted Bailey)

1/25/2002 Nest adds new member to Kenai Peninsula bird list (Todd Eskelin)

1/18/2002 New additions, improvements make refuge more user friendly (Bill Kent)

1/4/2002 How have wildfires affected the peninsula's caribou population? (Brandon Miner)