2001 Articles


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12/28/2001 Unusual mammal may be roaming woods of peninsula (Ted Bailey)

12/21/2001 DNA from poached moose extends long arm of law in refuge (Chris Johnson)

12/14/2001 Cycles of nature evident in short walk through wildlife refuge (Ed Berg)

12/7/2001 Losing one of your own (Robin West)

11/30/2001 Jigsaw Lake shows Central Peninsula was very dry 8600 years ago (Ed Berg)

11/23/2001 Peninsula's magical winter wonderland awaits kids of all ages (Nicole Johnson)

11/16/2001 Project Feeder Watch lets backyard birders assist in research (Todd Eskelin)

11/9/2001 Firewood gathering can be a fun, family activity (Doug Newbould)

11/2/2001 Trapping then and now on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Gary Titus)

10/26/2001 How chickadees thrive in the long, cold Alaska winters (Todd Eskelin)

10/19/2001 Waterfowl hunting evokes early memories, creates new ones (Rick Johnston)

10/12/2001 Disappearing kettle ponds reveal a drying Kenai Peninsula (Ed Berg)

10/5/2001 Conservation pledge gives greater meaning to wilderness (Doug Newbould)

9/28/2001 Kenai National Wildlife Refuge celebrates 60th birthday (Bill Kent)

9/21/2001 Kenai National Wildlife Refuge concept born during 1897 hunt (Gary Titus)

9/14/2001 Humble peat mosses store global carbon, show amazing variety (Ed Berg)

9/1/2001 What are all those plastic-covered piles along Funny River Road? (Doug Newbould)

8/24/2001 Season brings memories of family hunts along Yukon River (Mimi Thomas)

8/17/2001 Antlers, horns and their place in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Robin West)

8/10/2001 The Mystery Hills Fire offers us a snapshot (Doug Newbould)

8/3/2001 How will beetle-killed forest look in 40 years (Ed Berg)

7/27/2001 Refuge bird expert shares birding knowledge and skills (Candace Ward)

7/20/2001 Did beetle-kill forests burn in the past? (Ed Berg)

7/13/2001 Jim Frates retires, was former Moose Range Chief (Samantha Bartling)

7/6/2001 Hmmmmmm....was that a hummingbird? (Todd Eskelin)

6/21/2001 Dad's day on the Russian River (Rick Johnston)

6/15/2001 Refuge plans prescribed fire projects at Mystery Creek and Funny River (Doug Newbould)

6/8/2001 Ch..Ch...Ch...Changes (Brenda Wise)

6/1/2001 Years of knowledge and experience go out the door (Rick Ernst)

5/18/2001 What happened to my campground? (Bill Kent)

5/11/2001 "Why firewise?"-1996 Crooked Creek Fire (Doug Newbould)

5/4/2001 Reminiscences of a game warden (Chris Johnson)

4/27/2001 Awaiting the return of the loons (Elizabeth Jozwiak)

4/20/2001 Mysterious `black-ring condition' on birches confounds biologists (Ed Berg)

4/13/2001 Proof of woolly mammoth presence on refuge land lacking (Jim Hall)

4/6/2001 International Conference of Fire Service Women (Alicia Duzinski)

3/30/2001 Dogs on the Wildlife Refuge (Candace Ward)

3/23/2001 Kenai Peninsula has its ups and downs (Ed Berg)

3/16/2001 Kenai to host Alaska Regional FireWise Workshop, April 25-27 (Doug Newbould)

3/9/2001 Little guys of the plant world area hidden treat (Ed Burg)

3/2/2001 Unsolved mystery: deformed-bill black-capped chickadees (Ted Bailey)

2/23/2001 Winter use of Kenai National Wildlife Refuge cabins (Rick Johnston)

2/16/2001 Concern for wilderness caribou (Rick Ernst)

2/9/2001 Critters' fire survival instincts often better than ours (Doug Newbould)

2/2/2001 User fees finance refuge services (Pam Ables)

1/26/2001 Reflected heat warms Earth, man, and moose alike (Ed Berg)

1/19/2001 Winter months mean training and summer preparation (Bill Kent)

1/12/2001 A snowy owl visits the Kenai Peninsula (Elizabeth Jozwiak)

1/5/2001 New Year's resolutions for the Peninsula homeowner (Doug Newbould)