2000 Articles


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12/29/2000 What will the new year bring? (Robin West)

12/22/2000 Dating historic cabins and archeological sites with tree-rings (Ed Berg)

12/15/2000 The wily coyote (Elizabeth Jozwiak)

12/8/2000 Firewood gathering on the Kenai Peninsula is not as easy as it seems (Doug Newbould )

12/1/2000 Cutting that special Christmas tree (Candace Ward)

11/24/2000 Snowmachine season is almost here (Bruce Bigelow)

11/17/2000 Ecological changes obvious on the Kenai Peninsula (Ted Bailey)

11/10/2000 From the Refuge to “The Abyss” (Dianne MacLean )

11/3/2000 The Alaska Guides took trophy hunters to Tustumena Lake in 1920-30’s (Gary Titus)

10/27/2000 Waterfowl hunting on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Rob Barto)

10/20/2000 Future archeologists explore Kenai Peninsula's past (Rachel Belouin )

10/13/2000 Bark beetles hit west side of Cook Inlet in the 1870-80’s (Ed Berg)

10/6/2000 Alaskan firefighters fight fires in lower 48 (Doug Newbould)

9/29/2000 A Kenai experience (James Hall)

9/22/2000 Kenai Refuge open house events (Candace Ward)

9/15/2000 Orbital cycles make glaciers come and go (Ed Berg)

9/8/2000 Lightning is rare but important in Kenai Peninsula fires (Ed Berg)

9/1/2000 A historic cabin raising party (Gary Titus)

8/18/2000 Refuge environmental education field trip (Candace Ward and Stephanie Smith)

8/11/2000 Outside the box (Natalie Dawson)

8/4/2000 Moose habitat experiments evaluated (Brandon Miner)

7/28/2000 The Hideout Trail (Richard Johnston)

7/14/2000 A view from the high country (Ed Berg)

7/7/2000 Most wildfires on the Refuge caused by campfires (Doug Newbould)

6/30/2000 Up close and personal with moose and caribou (Stephanie Rickabaugh)

6/23/2000 Salmon season on the Kenai (Greg George)

6/16/2000 You saw what? (Robin West)

6/1/2000 Kenai National Wildlife Refuge summer programs (Candace Ward)

5/26/2000 What happened to my campground? (Bill Kent)

5/19/2000 Bark beetles biting dust? (Ed Berg)

5/12/2000 From dead spruce to bluejoint---out of the frying pan and into the fire? (Doug Newbould)

5/5/2000 Wood frogs calling---a sure sign of spring (Ted Bailey)

4/28/2000 Spring edible plants are arriving (Ed Berg)

4/21/2000 Kenai Wilderness: The cornerstone of wildlife conservation on the Kenai Peninsula (Rick Johnston)

4/14/2000 Helping one sick eagle: A difficult and risky task? (Ted Bailey)

4/7/2000 We're gearing up for fire season 2000. Are you FireWise? (Doug Newbould)

3/31/2000 Be careful; Kenai Peninsula wildlife rife with parasites (Liz Jozwiak)

3/24/2000 Kenai Refuge partners (Bill Kent)

3/17/2000 Saying goodbye (Robin West)

3/10/2000 Are we cooling down, after all? (Ed Berg)

3/3/2000 Wildland firefighting in America---a family affair (Doug Newbould)

2/25/2000 Ice fishing on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Mimi Thomas)

2/18/2000 Winter wildlife survival strategies: endure, hide or flee (Candace Ward)

2/11/2000 Animals, as well as humans, get stranded on the Kenai Peninsula (Ted Bailey)

2/4/2000 Swamp fires---a look at fire management in the South (Alicia Duzinski)

1/28/2000 Warm summers, not human beings, control spruce bark beetles (Ed Berg)

1/21/2000 So you want to be a refuge guide? (Rick Johnston)

1/14/2000 Refuge webpage never ``closed for the winter'' (Pam Ables)

1/7/2000 Refuge fire manager uses off-season for reflection and planning (Doug Newbould)