1999 Articles


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12/31/1999 Spruce Bark Beetles in the past (Ed Berg)

12/24/1999 What do you do at the Kenai Refuge, and how do I get your job (Bill Kent)

12/17/1999 Peninsula snowshoe hares on the decline (Ted Bailey)

12/10/1999 Friends group hosts first potluck ski party and wax clinic (Amy George)

12/3/1999 Wolves on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Liz Jozwiak)

11/19/1999 Trapping on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Chris Johnson)

11/12/1999 Wildlife telemetry (Rick Ernst)

11/5/1999 Be FireWise - prepare now for next fire season (Doug Newbould)

10/29/1999 Mapping Refuge resource information: a high tech challenge (Sue Schulmeister)

10/22/1999 Share the Refuge with a child; it will open up a brand new world (Richard Johnston)

10/15/1999 Devil's Club good for man and bear alike (Ed Berg)

10/8/1999 Prescribed fire: the Peninsula's safety net (Larry Adams)

10/1/1999 Refuge open house this Saturday (Candace Ward)

9/24/1999 Peninsula wildlife require large areas to survive (Ted Bailey)

9/17/1999 Blaze brings regrowth? (Ed Berg)

9/10/1999 Fire helps control moose? (Andy Devolder)

9/3/1999 Refuge environmental ed programs shift into high gear (Candace Ward)

8/20/1999 Who are those kids...and what are they doing? (Bill Kent)

8/13/1999 Lost in the woods (Robin West)

8/6/1999 The Kenai Refuge's mysterious missing flying squirrels (Ted Bailey)

4/30/1999 Alaska's unlikely littlest big predator leaves its mark on ecosystem (Robin West)

4/23/1999 Grand flying heritage (Rick Johnston)

7/16/1999 Moose and pizza: a matter of taste? (Ed Berg)

7/9/1999 Using fire as a land management tool on the Refuge (Doug Newbould)

7/2/1999 Gift of a rose invites kiss of death (Ed Berg)

6/25/1999 Going, going, gonedots Wildlife Refuge inventories lake loss (Ed Berg)

6/18/1999 Baby birds: knowing when to help, when to stay away (Liz Jozwiak)

6/11/1999 Be properly `armed' before doing `combat' on upper Kenai (Bill Kent)

6/4/1999 Interpreting nature's smoke signals no lost art on Refuge (Doug Newbould)

4/28/1999 Snow, fallen trees obscure some Kenai National Wildlife Refuge hiking trails (Dave Kenagy)

4/21/1999 Tracking Kenai Peninsula brown bears good for research (Rick Ernst)

4/14/1999 Some `Flowers' will never enhance wilderness experience (Candace Ward and Ed Berg)

5/7/1999 Southcentral loons awaiting breakup to get to nesting grounds (Liz Jozwiak)

4/30/1999 Delicate balance: snow geese, lemmings, arctic foxes (Robin West)

4/23/1999 How much snow is enough on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge? (Robin West)

4/16/1999 Check out KNWR opportunities at Peninsula Sportsman Show (Mark Chase)

4/9/1999 Dead trees can tell some tales (Ed Berg)

4/2/1999 Friends can make all the difference to Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Amy George)

3/26/1999 Assessing the pulse of life on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Ted Bailey)

3/19/1999 Winter activities abound on Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Bill Kent)

3/12/1999 Learning about past helps with predicting the future (Ed Berg)