Resource Management


Refuge Vision: For the benefit of present and future generations and in partnership with others, stewards of Kanuti National Wildlife Refuge will conserve fish and wildlife populations and their habitats in their natural diversity, focusing on the refuge's wild and natural character, biological integrity, and scientific value, as driven by biological and physical processes throughout time. Kanuti Refuge has three main programs: biological, subsistence, and fire management. 

Objectives addressing baseline knowledge of refuge natural resources including fire are mainly listed under Goal 1 and Goal 2. Most of the objectives for subsistence or public use are listed beneath Goal 3 or Goal 4, which are focused on improving knowledge of the public's use of the refuge's resources. 


Goal 1: Conserve the refuge's diversity of wildlife, fish, and habitats, while allowing natural processes, including wildland fire and the natural hydrologic cycle, to shape the environment. 

Goal 2: Ensure the natural function and condition of water resources necessary to conserve fish and wildlife populations and habitats in their natural diversity. 

Goal 3: Provide opportunities for local residents to pursue their subsistence lifestyle. 

Goal 4: Provide opportunities for quality public use and enjoyment of refuge resources through compatible wildlife dependent recreation activities, including hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, photography, and environmental education and interpretation. 

Goal 5: Provide outreach, environmental education, and interpretive programs to develop and/or increase a sense of stewardship for wildlife, cultural resources, and the enviornment, and to enhance visitor experiences on the refuge. 

Goal 6: Foster an appreciation for the cultural resources of the refuge through conservation and interpretation.