Photo of Friends of the Kankakee NWR Celebrate its First Birthday with the Great Lakes Audubon Society

The National Wildlife Refuge System is committed to building partnerships which encourage conservation and protection of our natural and cultural resources on our lands and in the local communities in places where interest exists.

The Friends of the Kankakee work with and support individuals and groups, public and private, who share a vision for the Kankakee National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area. The Friends were established in 2005, in the hopes of working closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to preserve the biological and cultural diversity of the Kankakee River Basin. They are key partners in protecting and restoring this special area that supports numerous species, including state threatened and endangered species.

See the Friends of the Kankakee website for more information.

Fun Fact: The Friends of Kankakee logo was designed by artist, Jenny Vogt, and shows a couple enjoying a paddle down the Kankakee River as whooping cranes fly overhead. Once federally-endangered, whooping cranes can now be seen regularly in the Kankakee Sands area during migration season.