Habitat Restoration on Johnston!

Habitat Restoration on Johnston

 The 14th Crazy Ant Strike Team has taken the reins in the effort to incorporate habitat restoration activities into the regular work schedule on Johnston Atoll.  Working from cuttings, the crew currently propagates three native plant species (Scaevola taccada, Cordia subcordata, and Tournefortia argentea) caring for them first in the nursery then in the hardening area and finally as out plantings in the refuge.  The cuttings are planted above ground level in soil deposited between concrete blocks or coral rubble, which will eventually be removed once the cuttings have established a root system in the coral substrate. These plants are watered once per day to give them an extra boost until they are well established.  Since these first individuals were planted, the crew has been able to add several more, all of which are thriving.