Loan Boxes

The refuge maintains two educational loan boxes, Mammals of Pennsylvania and Birds of Pennsylvania.  Each can be borrowed free of charge by area educators, scout groups, and homeschool co-ops.

Boxes may be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time and must be picked up from the refuge during normal business hours. Only one box per educator can be borrowed at a time. To request a box, email Kelly Quain at Requests are fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

loan box bird

Birds of Pennsylvania Box Content 

  • Preserved Wings (1 each): Great blue heron, Goldfinch, Starling, Screech owl, Kestrel, Red-tailed hawk, Mallard
  • Preserved Feet (1 each): Duck, Owl, Great blue heron
  • Replica Skulls (1 each): Turkey, Woodpecker
  • Real nests, eggs and feathers
  • Bird Migration Poster
  • 1 Users Guide with activity suggestions/resources
  • 6 Peterson’s First Guide to Birds (field guides)
  • 1 “All About Birds” Teacher Activity Guide 


loan box mammal

Mammals of Pennsylvania Box Content 

  • 1 Pelt, rubber track and laminated photos of each: American beaver, White-tailed deer, Coyote, Red fox, Opossum, Raccoon, Striped-skunk, Grey squirrel
  • 6 Peterson’s First Guide to Mammals (field guides)
  • 1 User’s Guide with activity suggestions and worksheet master copies
  • 1 Species Information Sheet
  • 1 "All About Deer" by Jim Arnosky