Lesson Plans


The refuge is always free to visit! It’s a great place for students of all ages to explore and learn about the environment. Educators and group leaders are invited to lead portions of the day at the refuge. Refuge staff are willing to loan or provide necessary materials such as lesson plans, clipboards, pencils, binoculars, field guides, and more if given advance notice. You don't need to be a nature expert to lead activities and outdoor exploration. We recommend that you learn along with your students and serve as a "guide on the side", encouraging students to ask questions and search for answers. The following lesson plans are available to assist you and can be adapted to different locations, like your school:

  • (All Grades) Self-Guided Hike Schedule - A guide to lead your students on a hike around one of the refuge's best trails, the Big Boardwalk Loop. 
  • (All Grades) Homeschool Guide - This guide includes information about planning a visit, materials for loan, lesson plans, activity sheets, digital resources and more!
  • (K - 2nd Grade) Color Hunt - Students hunt for colors in nature and sort & graph their results as a group. 
  • (3rd - 5th Grade) Nature Detectives - Students hike to search for and record signs of wildlife on the refuge, collect data, and create bar graphs. 
  • (3rd - 8th Grade) Insect Investigation - Students use nets, bug boxes, field guides, and hand lenses to explore structures and functions of insects 
  • (K-12) Lesson Listing – The refuge has other available lesson plans, if you are interested in something you don’t see above, email Environmental Education Supervisor, Brianna Amingwa, or call 215-365-3118 for more information. 

Developed several years ago by a dedicated group of area educators called the REED (Refuge Environmental Education Development) Team, these lesson plans can be used at the refuge and your school.