Junior Duck Stamp Program

The Village JDS program 2019

The annual Junior Duck Stamp Program is a national art competition for students in the K - 12th grade. Educators can use the free corresponding curriculum to bring art and science to their classroom.

  • Pennsylvania Junior Duck Stamp Program


    All students in kindergarten through grade twelve are encouraged to participate in the Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest. The art and conservation message contest is part of the Junior Duck Stamp Program curriculum. This educational curriculum is designed to spark interest in wildlife and habitat conservation using science, art, math and technology focused lessons and activities. The program invites students to explore their natural world, investigating biology and wildlife management principles.

    The art and conservation message competition serve as the "final project" - an opportunity for students to share what they have learned about waterfowl and habitat conservation through the curriculum or through their own study and observation.

    For complete rules and guidelines, visit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge's Junior Duck Stamp Program website.

    Entries for the Pennsylvania Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest are due by March 15 of every year. Artwork must be a drawing or painting of a North American duck, goose or swan. Entries can be submitted to John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in person or by mail to:

    ATTN: Kelly Quain 
    John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
    8601 Lindbergh Boulevard
    Philadelphia, PA 19153

    For upcoming Junior Duck Stamp drawing programs visit the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge Calendar or contact Kelly_Quain@fws.gov for more information.

    Where can I get a Junior Duck Stamp?

    Junior Duck Stamps cost $5 each and can also be purchased at many U.S. Post Offices. Proceeds from the sale of these stamps benefit the Junior Duck Stamp Program. To purchase a stamp, contact the U.S. Postal Service at 800-782-6724.


  • 2019 - 2020 PA Best of Show

    pa bos 2020 (1)

    The 2019 - 2020 PA Best of Show winner is an illustration of a bufflehead by Jillian Laskoski, age 12, from Mountain Top, PA.

    The 2020 Conservation Message is "We must conserve wildlife. It has all the peace, beauty, and harmony our world desperately needs." by Makayla Sherrid, age 18, from Lebanon, PA.



  • 2019 - 2020 National Junior Duck Stamp

    2020 jr duck stamp

    The 2019-2020 National Junior Duck Stamp winner features a harlequin duck by Nicole Jean of New York.