Wildlife Observation

Wildlife Observation Promo

Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge lands are open from sunrise to sunset. Within this time it is possible to observe the diverse wildlife that the refuge has to offer such as birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Visitors can stop at overlooks, reserve a photography blind, travel down one of our trails, and enjoy other outdoor recreation activities while viewing the wildlife around them.

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  • Overlooks


    Overlooks are parking areas elevated above marshes for optimal wildlife viewing. The refuge maintains four overlooks around the refuge which are open from dawn to dusk year round. Sit quietly and enjoy the serenity and beauty of our wetlands and the wildlife that reside, reproduce, and survive within them. 

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  • Photography Blinds


    As a major migratory stopover location in western New York, there are ample opportunities to photograph wildlife. The refuge has two photo blinds available to the public for reservation, one is at Mohawk Pool and the other at Ringneck Marsh. Spring and fall are the best times to reserve photo blinds because of migration. However, there are still several waterfowl that remain on the refuge in the summer months. Overwintering wildlife enjoy having their photo taken, as well. 

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  • Trails

    Hit the Trail!

    A great way to experience the refuge is by ditching the vehicle and heading out on a trail. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge has several miles of trails throughout the refuge that are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Each trail offers different aspects and opportunities to view wildlife. On the trails, you will discover the diversity of wildlife and the habitat on which they depend. 

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  • Other Rec Opportunities

    Other Rec Opp

    It’s a bike! It’s a boat! It’s skis and snowshoes! Whether you are searching for that secretive marsh bird, looking for tranquility in the calm of the refuge, or just trying to get some fresh air and exercise, the refuge has endless opportunities for you to recreate.

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