Self-Guided Programs

Teachers or group leaders may take groups out on the trails for self-guided walks. 

There is a written trail guide for Kanyoo Nature Trail (pdf) which takes groups on the smaller 0.66 mile loop stopping at 9 stations detailing the species of trees, birds and other wildlife you may see at each spot. There is a longer loop (1 mile) that can be incorporated into your walk. The trail takes approximately 30 mins to an hour to complete.

The Friends of Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Inc. and Canisius College have created a Guide-by-Cell interpretative program on Swallow Hollow trail (1.3 miles). This program incorporates a series of 13 stations where you can call the listed phone number and punch in the station code to gain a wealth of knowledge about the habitats, wildlife, and other interesting aspects of the trail. This trail takes just over an hour to complete.

The refuge has additional trails and overlooks that can be used for self-guided programming. For more information about all of the refuge trails and overlooks, click here

Groups may also design activities to correspond to their course of study and use the refuge as an outdoor laboratory. A written description of all activities planned must be sent to and approved by refuge staff before the visit can be confirmed. This is to ensure that the activities do not conflict with the refuge mission or refuge regulations. Refuge staff will work with the teacher/group leader to select the best locations for the group activities.

  • We require 3 weeks advanced notice in order to approve the refuge use as an outdoor lab.