Kanyoo Nature Trail

"Kanyoo" is an Iroquois word meaning "wildlife".

On this trail you will discover the diversity of nature - constantly changing over time. As you cross the open field you may spot tree swallows or bluebirds. Beyond the hedgerow, the canopy deepens into a mixed woods of cherry, maple, beech and tulip trees with opportunities to see or hear a variety of songbirds. Vernal (spring) pools are nurseries for amphibians and recycle nutrients into the soil to support new growth. A small observation platform (on the yellow loop) and short boardwalk(on the blue loop) offer views of the marsh.

Colored arrows direct you along two loops: 

Blue - approximately one mile long with a short boardwalk crossing a finger of Mohawk Pool. 

Yellow - approximately 2/3 of a mile long and offers a wetland observation platform at the midway point. An interpretive trail guide coincides with the numbered posts along the way. 

The two loops together will cover approximately 1 1/3 mile. 

Access to Feeder Road 

A grass path to the west, between the barn and Waterfowl Permit Station, leads to the Feeder Road. 

The Kanyoo Trail Guide is available at the visitor contact station or by clicking on the link below:

Kanyoo Trail Interpretive Guide (PDF 145 KB) 

Allowed on the Trail 

  • Walking / hiking
  • Wildlife photography
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Pets on leash
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
NOT Allowed on the Trail
  • No bikes
  • No horses
  • No fires
  • No hunting
  • No vehicles / motorcycles
  • No camping