Rules and Regulations



General regulations governing the Innoko Refuge are found in 50 CFR 36.

Regulations regarding the taking of fish and game setting of seasons, and required tags and permints are issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Regulations regarding subsistence are issued by the office of Subsistence Management.


Wilderness Management

The Innoko Wilderness Area encompasses 1.24 million acres located south and east of the Innoko River. This congressionally-mandated area includes much of the lower Iditarod River and many lakes and ponds. This area is a true wilderness in every sense of the word. It is common to go for days without seeing or hearing signs of another human.

The entire Innoko Refuge is managed for its wilderness values and a person would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the Wilderness Area and the rest of the refuge. There are differences in the rules and regulations between what is allowed in the refuge and what is allowed in the designated Wilderness portion of the Refuge. These include restrictions on the use of motorized equipment (such as chain saws and generators) and removal of standing timber. Due to the unique overlapping laws of Wilderness and ANILCA, certain equipment including fixed-wing aircraft, power boats and snowmachines are allowed for some uses in the Innoko Refuge Wilderness Area. Contact the Refuge Manager for more information.