Silhouettes of hunters at sunset / USFWS

Hunting is one of the priority recreational uses on National Wildlife Refuges and compatible with the mission of this refuge. While enjoying this traditional, recreational activity, hunters help manage these lands for the benefit of wildlife and you.

The following species may be taken on refuge lands during applicable state seasons: Gambel’s quail, fox, coyote, ducks, coots, geese, white winged dove, mourning dove, deer (archery and general season), and desert bighorn sheep. Cottontail rabbit may be taken from September 1 to the end of the state season.

The regulations listed below supplement the general regulations that govern hunting on wildlife refuges. Hunting is also in accordance with applicable state regulations and state seasons. For more information, visit Arizona Department of Game and Fish or the California Department of Fish and Game.

Hunting Regulations

  • All species not listed are protected and may not be hunted. 
  • Hunting is permitted only on those portions of the refuge marked as such on the hunt map. 
  • Nontoxic shot is required for hunting ducks, geese, coot, doves, quail, and cottontail rabbit. Possession or use of lead shot while hunting on the refuge is illegal. 
  • All firearms in vehicles or in watercraft under power shall be unloaded and cased or dismantled. 
  • Construction of permanent structures on refuge lands is prohibited. Temporary blinds may be used but must be removed at the end of each day. 
  • Field possession of game animals is prohibited in closed areas of the refuge. 
  • Neither hunters nor dogs may enter closed areas to retrieve dead or wounded game. 
  • Decoys must be removed by the end of each day. 
  • Travel in wilderness areas is by foot or horseback only. 
  • Report accidents or injuries to the Refuge Manager and State agencies. 
  • Vehicles are permitted on designated routes only. Off-roading is strictly prohibited. 
  • Target shooting, pit blinds, overnight camping, open fires, and collecting firewood are not permitted at any time.  
  • It is illegal to remove, deface, or damage rocks, minerals, semi-precious stones, Native American artifacts, paleontological objects, or objects of antiquity. 
Helpful Information
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