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Law Enforcement

Youth Waterfowl HuntHunters can be thankful for the conservation efforts of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and State Law Enforcement agencies that promote healthy wildlife populations for the enjoyment of future generation.

Law Enforcement is an essential part of habitat and wildlife protection. Law Enforcement officers also help assure the safety of visitors to National Wildlife Refuges.  The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement program is to protect wildlife and plant resources.  Through the effective enforcement of Federal laws, officers contribute to Fish and Wildlife Service efforts to recover endangered species, conserve migratory birds, preserve wildlife habitat, safeguard fisheries, combat invasive species, and promote international wildlife conservation.  The Office of law enforcement also works with the National Eagle Repository, which helps supply Native Americans with eagle feathers and parts for religious and cultural purposes.

The Huron WMD has wildlife enforcement officers on staff to help protect plants and animals, insure visitor safety, and to make sure FWS grassland and wetland easements are protected.  The Huron WMD works closely with the USFWS Office of Law Enforcement which has 251 special agents and 140 wildlife inspectors.


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Page Photo Credits — Two young hunters with one blue winged teal on Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA, Chuck Pyle/ USFWS
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2014
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