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Education Programs 6th Grade field trip migration obstacle game The Huron Wetland Management District encourages students and educators to visit and explore our Waterfowl Production Areas. Each spring Huron 6th grade students visit the Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA.  During the visit they participate in games and view area wildlife.  Here a student learns about the perils of bird migration in a migration obstacle course. 

Most of the Huron WMD environmental education activities occur on our Maga Ta-Hohpi Waterfowl Production Area which is 8 miles west of Huron, SD.  We also have a limited supply of equipment available for you to use to explore the outdoors.  Please contact us to help plan your educational visit to our Waterfowl Production Areas at 605-352-5894.  Learn more about the Fish and Wildlife Service's  "Let's Go Outside" program.  Educators may also be interested in a printable activity book (2.82 MB) of South Dakota Wildlife Refuges.  National Wildlife Refuge activity and coloring books are also available.  
Page Photo Credits — Sixth Grader tries to avoid a cat and other bird migration obstacles during a field trip to Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA /USFWS
Last Updated: May 02, 2014
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