Huron WMD Fire Management


Huron WMD is part of the Great Plains Fire Management Zone. The zone includes Sand Lake NWR, Waubay NWR, Madison WMD, Huron WMD, Lake Andes WMD, LaCreek NWR in South Dakota and Ft. Niobrara NWR, Valentine NWR, and the Crescent Lake NWR in Nebraska.

  • Great Plains Fire Management


    The Great Plains Fire Management Zone is based out of the Sand Lake NWR. There are four full time fire staff within the zone:

    Colby Crawford (Fire Management Officer) - Sand Lake NWR (605)-885-6320

    Jeff Meadows (Assistant Fire Management Officer) - Madison WMD (605)-256-2974

    Chris Masson - Crescent Lake NWR (308)-762-4893

    Billy Cumbow - Ft. Niobrara NWR (402)-376-3789

    The rest of the zone is made up of dual function staff, where firefighting is not their primary duty. All zone staff go through the necessary training needed to become a wildland firefighter. 

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  • Why we Burn?


    We conduct Prescribed Fires ("controlled burns") to improve grassland habitat, control invasive plants, and to reduce the hazardous accumulations of dead material. Prescribe Fire mimics the natural fires that occurred over this landscape hundreds of years ago. Prescribe burns are generally conducted in the spring to impact invasive grasses such as smooth brome grass and crested wheat-grass. Fall burning is a management option that is used if needed.

  • National Response


    During high fire activity, the staff of the Great Plains Fire Management Zone will respond to fires nation wide. Service engines and crews are ready to respond to a fire if the orders are given. The wildlife season can last most of the summer/fall months and even stretch into the winter. Zone staff will also assist with other federally declared disasters i.e. oil spills, flooding, hurricanes.