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Maga Ta-Hohpi Trails shop and other amenitiesThe Huron WMD main offices are located in the city of Huron, SD; two blocks west of Dakota Ave. on 4th Street, Room 309 of the Federal Building.   The Huron WMD maintenance shop and Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA is located eight miles west of Huron. Driving on US Highway 14 when you reach 392nd Ave. and see the sign that reads "Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA", drive 3/4 of a mile north.  The hiking trail is located south of the shop headquarters and has a parking lot and a kiosk.  The shop headquarters in located inside the chain link fence.

Huron Wetland Management District

Headquarters Address:       
200 4th Street SW, Room 309
Huron, SD, 57350        

Phone: 605-352-5894
Fax: 605-352-6709 

Project Leader:                 
Deborah Williams

605-352-5894, x111  


Work Center / Maintenance Shop


20721 392nd Ave, Hwy 14

Wolsey, SD, 57384 


Visitor Kiosk Paved Trail head 

 Located south of the shop buildings on Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA, 3/4 mile north of Highway 14, on 392nd Ave.  The paved trail is about .45 miles and ends at the white "W.I.L.D." building.  The trail has two observation decks and one outdoor restroom next to the Wild Building.  

Unpaved trail

Located a mile west of 392nd Ave.  To access trail head, enter parking lot.  Grass mowed trail goes north then east and ends at the paved trail parking lot on 392nd Ave and is 1.68 miles parking lot to parking lot. See map above.


Office phone 605/352-5894

Deborah Williams  (Project Leader)     Ext 111   
Vacant (Asst. Refuge Manager)   Ext 112   
Melanie Wipf  (Budget Analyst)   Ext 118   
Vacant  (Generalist)   605-352-7014    
Chuck Pyle  (Private Lands Biologist)   Ext 113   
Vacant  (Wildlife Biologist)   Ext 114    
Vacant  (Law Enforcement Officer/Pilot)    Ext 120   
Tom Rohlck (Term Biologist)    Ext 110  
Charles Frohme (Maintenance Worker)   Ext 117   
    shop (605-353-1382)  
Huron Wetland Acquisition Office (Realty)   605-352-7014  
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017
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