Rules and Regulations

Canada mayflower.  Credit: Sara Giles, USFWS.

In May and June Canada mayflower is a common sight at Huron National Wildlife Refuge.  This pretty, little flower can be found growing close to the ground in colonies.  Later in the year small tan and red speckled berries replace the flowers.


  • Huron National Wildlife Refuge is designated a Federal Wilderness Area.
  • Only Lighthouse Island, also known as Huron Island, is open to the public for hiking and exploration during daylight hours. All other refuge islands are closed except by special use permit for approved purposes. Emergency landings by boats in distress are the only exceptions. 
  • Access to the island is by boat. 
  • Wildlife observation and photography are welcome on Lighthouse Island or off-shore from the other islands. 
  • Fires, camping, and off road vehicles are not permitted on the island. 
  • Please pack in / pack out any garbage.