Rules and Regulations


HBNWR Hunting Regulations (24 KB pdf) 

Photoblind Guidelines (58 KB pdf) 

Dunes Research Guidelines (93 KB pdf)

Permit Revoking Information (10 KB pdf)



While you enjoy the refuge, please obey the following regulations which are designed to protect both wildlife and visitors. 

The following are PROHIBITED:

•Dogs and other domestic pets (except retrieval dogs for refuge hunting)

•Driving, biking, and jogging (except on paved entrance road)

•Fires and fireworks

•Kite-flying (birds think they are aerial predators)

•Overnight parking or camping 

•Weapons (except firearms legal for refuge hunting)

•Horseback riding


Please do not litter; carry out what you bring in!


To ensure a quality experience for our visitors and to minimize disturbance to wildlife, collecting natural objects such as plants, animals, feathers, antlers, and objects of antiquity (including Native American artifacts) is strictly prohibited. 


To avoid conflicts with wildlife and other visitors, pets are not permitted on the Refuge.