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Bee Pickart 512

Humboldt Bay is a photographers playground, with all sorts of fascinating creatures and landscapes to capture with a lense. Have a look at some of the photos taken in the Humboldt area by local photographers Ron LeValley, David F. Thomson, and Andrea Pickart.

  • Humboldt Bay Birds

    Egret Thompson 150

    Take a look at some of the 260 species of birds documented in the Humboldt Bay area. These photos were captured by David F. Thomson and Ron LeValley.

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  • Humboldt Bay Mammals

    Otter Thompson 150

    From gophers to sea lions, have a look at some great photographs of Humboldt Bay wildlife, taken by David F. Thomson and Ron LeValley.

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  • Humboldt Bay Invertebrates

    Bombus Pickart 150

    Though rarely seen except by the trained eye, these invertebrates of the Humboldt Bay area are fascinating creatures. Have a look at a few of these miniature marvels captured by Refuge ecologist Andrea Pickart.

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  • Humboldt Bay Dunes

    Dune Mat

    Refuge ecologist Andrea Pickart captures the fascinating Humboldt dune region and associated plants in the Humboldt Bay Dunes gallery. Have a look!

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  • Humboldt Bay Plants

    Bearberry 150

    Though often pushed aside while hiking, a close look at the plants of Humboldt Bay reveals great beauty and diversity. In this gallery Andrea Pickart shows why more of us should "stop and smell the flowers".

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  • Castle Rock

    CastleRockAerial 150

    Castle Rock is a 14-acre island located less than 2 miles off the coast of Crescent City, California.  A part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, Castle Rock is the second largest seabird breeding colony along the California coast, hosting more than 100,000 birds.  Twelve different species are known to have nested on this island including common murre, cormorants, pigeon guillemots, Cassin’s auklets, rhinoceros auklets, and storm petrels.


    In cooperation with Humboldt State University, the National Park Service, San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the U.S. Coast Guard, Humboldt Bay NWR installed a webcam on the island in 2006 to provide a live feed of California's second largest nesting colony for public enjoyment and scientific inquiry.

    Unfortunately, the webcam is non-operational at this time.


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